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Why is the mobile site called ifluther?

Asked by Eggie (5865points) September 22nd, 2016

ifluther refers to people with apple products. What about the android users and windows users? The name ifluther is just offensive.

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If that’s what your barometer for offense is, I thoroughly wish we all had your problems.

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I believe it was offered as an app for iPhones.

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What about android users?

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This Android user is not offended.

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The mobile site here was created before there was a Android phone in its current incarnation. Android at the time was like a blackberry. No touchscreen, hardware keyboard, shitty browser. It was about a 20 months after the launch of the iPhone before there was a Android phone that looks like a current Android phone.

The mobile site here was created before anyone knew that Android would end up being a real product.

Fluther got big fast when Apple highlighted it on their website of the list of webpages optimized for mobile (this was long before the app store).

So calling it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

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I’m not offended by it but I agree that it is curious. Most mobile sites use the format I like @johnpowell‘s explanation.

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Ifluther, ufluther, we all fluth…i’ll get my coat

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I’m posting this using ;-o

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You can set it up so a non-existent sub-domain such as will ignore the sub-domain. That is how the m site works and why it kicks you to the desktop site.

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@johnpowell thanks for that, I just snorted my cup of tea out through my nose…

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@johnpowell !!!!


I’m going with because I’m genteel with tattoos.

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