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What do you think Obama will change?

Asked by stratman37 (8678points) August 3rd, 2008

Unless McCain gets it in gear pretty soon, it looks like Obama’s a shoe in. Are you excited/scared of the changes he’ll make?

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I think he is just what the country needs someone new, ppl say he does not have enough experience but I don’t want someone who has been around the block I want someone who is going to bring something new to America. We need hope and someone likable and Obama brings that.

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It’s also a bonus he knows how to speak properly.

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McCain is a third term for Bush. I doubt Obama will fix anything. It would be nice if he could just stop fucking things up for a few years. It is pretty hard to screw things up more then Bush did.

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His underwear.

This from an Obama believer during the primaries.

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“What do you think Obama will change?”

Very little. He’ll make the government more powerful and more spendy, but that’s a given no matter who wins.

“Are you excited/scared of the changes he’ll make?”

Scared—but no more than I’m scared of McCain. Maybe less. But not much.

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I’m not sure that Obama has the election in his pocket quite yet. Never underestimate the power of the Republican propaganda machine. Plus, I still don’t trust the voting machines.

Things can’t get any worse, can they? Wait. I shouldn’t temp the fates. Wait. I don’t believe in fate.

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Hopefully the healthcare system in this country. McCain’s healthcare plan consists of “Just Say No To Sickness.”
Can you tell I’m not a Republican? I don’t make enough money to be that much of an a-hole..

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edit: tempt

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What do you mean? I used to live next door to the Fates. Gerry and Louise.

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So what can I tempt them with? Cookies?

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AC-you think republicans are assholes?

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@cheeb: don’t go there girlfriend, let’s stay focused and just answer the question please.

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our idea of president. Scared and excited.

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No need to be condescending with cheeb. She didn’t even initiate the digression. But your point still stands.

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I’m sorry if I came off condescending, I should have asked nicer.

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I think he’ll change alot. I don’t think the economy will bounce back as quickly as we all hope but I think by the end of his term we will see a change. We have to remember, we have had 8 long, merciless years of dubya. We’ll see the difference between an idiot puppet and a man that stands for something more than the religious right and huntin’ down the enemy. Obama isn’t perfect but compared to Bush, he’ll probably seem damn near.

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and to answer your question further, I think that we will see a big change in the way the world views us. The world likes Obama and if we elect him, they might start liking us again too. I think Obama will try to work with everyone, republicans and democrats, to really get things done and I hope that they embrace him. I don’t know what will happen with the war but I’m hoping that he will try and get alot of those men and women in Iraq home. I hope that instead of spending time on issues like abortion and gay marriage (that are no brainers because I’m am pro-choice and support gay marriage 100%) that he’ll focus on issues more important like our economy and the energy crisis. I think that Michelle Obama will be an excellent first lady. I think she is very smart and I’m glad to say she probably won’t sit around in silence like dowdy old Laura Bush. I really was for Hilary Clinton but I realize now that if she were elected, the republicans (believe it or not some republicans out there are real assholes) would not let her term be successful. They would not cooperate and would just hound her for four years. I believe that Hilary was capable of great things but “they” would never have let her get them done out of their hate for her. It’s a sad thing to say but I think it’s for the best that Obama is the democratic candidate.

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I think he may give as much of this countrys posestions away as he is allowed too. Kind of like Carter giving away the Panama Canal but worse.

@Republican haters McCain is a Democrat in disguise. As a Republican just look at his voting record.

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Not a thing. If he was going to bring as much of a change as he says, the media would never have let him get this far. The biggest change we need to hear, is the truth. I am sick of hearing all different solutions to problems, yet the cause of the problems will remain.

I think that we will start seeing an incremental change with Obama. I think it already has started with FISA. Next will be drilling for oil. Than Iran. Than Iraq. And so on. After each step , people will say,“but he had to for political reasons.” BS.
These political games are the real change we need.

The guys name is Barack Hussein Obama and he is Dick Cheney’s 8th cousin. I mean come on. Whoever is really controlling these guys, mustbe laughing their asses of at how dumb and oblivious we are to things.

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@chris6137: “The guys name is Barack Hussein Obama and he is Dick Cheney’s 8th cousin. I mean come on. Whoever is really controlling these guys, mustbe laughing their asses of at how dumb and oblivious we are to things.”

… I don’t even know what to say to this.

Anyway, I saw a stand-up act some time ago (forget who it was), and it was kinda funny. The guy was like, “I gotta give Obama props for being able to get as far as he has with that name. I mean, the only name that could be worse would be something like Charles Manson Hitler.”

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(HA HAHAHAHA HAHA AHAHA AHHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA HAHAH AHAHHAHAHAAHHA) Change? has anything ever changed people? I mean really! The guns just get bigger. For one thing, Change starts with the individual not the nation, for another, thats not going to happen, because it requires 380,000,000 people to change.

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I do expect positive change if Obama wins, but I am going to keep my hope and expectations in check. For one man to turn the ship of state singlehandedly is not an easy task. Any turn will be incremental and will, at first, be barely visible.

I believe he will work fairly quickly so that within 18 months of election, we will only be fighting a war in one area overseas, Afghanistan.

I believe we will have some restoration of liberties compromised by Bush.

I believe we will see positive momentum on energy and the environment.

I have hope that an Obama administration can make a difference in the economy, but the momentum of this worsening depression may make that not a quick fix.

I believe that he will be an inspiring President and that he may set fire to the 380,000,000 Americans’ minds Scrumpulator referred to. If that were to happen and we could drop the polarization that has produced virtual gridlock, great things are possible.

Right now, after eight years of Bush, I will be happy with small things.

I agree with tf that the election is not over yet. Already, Obama is taking frontrunner attacks and scrutiny. Who knows what could happen? We need to suppot Obama and vote, and not “assume” that he will win. I live in Florida, after all.

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He’ll change history, that’s for sure. And I’m pretty confident that he won’t embarrass us like Bush has.
That will be a nice change!

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I like how only one or two respondents have actually pointed to concrete things they think Obama will change.

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@Irk: It’s not really about that. It’s not really about whether he will add $5 million per year to the Meals on Wheels program or if he’ll cut Pentagon research funding by $15 million per quarter. It’s about a change in the approach of the presidency. A change in the trust that Americans place in the west wing of the White House and that the rest of the world places in America. As johnpowell said, he will hopefully “stop fucking things up for a few years.”

If you’re not sold on the abstract idea of change, then take a look here. For everybody wondering what Obama will change, his team has compiled a nice little big PDF for you to read.

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@lefteh: I think it says a lot that lots of people can’t name concrete things Obama will change, even if I don’t doubt that he’s going to enact those changes. As for a change in his approach to the presidency: that’s not an abstract change, I don’t think. But other than a few of the comments here, most have been “he’ll be different”—I don’t really see that as enough; you can get that off his slogan. Saying “he’ll conduct his office different in more transparent, accountable ways” isn’t particularly abstract.

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Don’t expect much.

“Get thee glass eyes, and like a scurvy politician, seem to see the things thou dost not.”
Wm. Shakespeare, King Lear

“For years, politicians have promised the moon. I’m the first to be able to deliver it.”
Richard Milhous Nixon

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maybe he will change the meaning of the word “change”…....

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