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In your opinion what makes a person interesting?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) October 1st, 2016

Over my many years of life I have heard the term used of others as well as myself. Someone would say ”She is a very interesting woman”, or ”That guys is quite interesting”, I have once been told by a woman that I was interesting. But what does it truly mean? To some it is a polite way to say that person is odd, without saying so. To some it seems ”interesting” lends to the person lived a life or is doing things the person who finds them ”interesting” wishes to do or has interest in. Still, others seem to use it to say the person they find ”interesting”, is someone they want to know more of. To you, what is a catalyst that causes you to view them as ”interesting” and what finding someone interesting means for you?

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Standing out from the crowd in some way. It doesn’t have to be that that person is objectively interesting, but in that one moment, that person stands out and is interesting because of that.

For example, reading the thread with everyone having similar opinions and agreeing with each other, and then one person comes and says something different, points out some detail no one else mentioned, has a completely different mindset that the rest in the thread, or simply says “I disagree” while everyone else agrees. Or when you read fifteen answers dripping with seriousness and get the vibe something real serious is going on and then someone cracks a joke and disrupts the mood. That is what makes that person interesting in that context.

Standing out, being in some way original, having different stream of thought and disrupting the mood of the crowd with your appearance, words or behaviour. Make people wonder and confuse them, making them think in another direction.

Breaking the monotony.

That is what, in my book, makes someone interesting.

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Interesting to me is someone who has a lot of experiences and varied perspectives. Someone who is open to new ideas. Also, someone who has a lot of knowledge about some topics. Someone who really knows their craft, and can educate you about it.

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Someone who does not always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis.

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Someone who is not a boring shit or an annoying little fart.
Someone witty, creative and unconventional.

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According to television – and why would anyone want to look any further than that? – it depends on the brand of beer that one drinks.

Sometimes I wish that I drank beer, instead of just trolling folks at work by putting it in the refrigerator there.

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Their sense of humor and deftness at parlor tricks.

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To me, an interesting person is someone who has unusual interests in life. Not just in sports , politics, family or themselves but in comparative religion, the Supernatural , ancient history as in Egyptian history especially, abnormal psychology, the case for or against UFO’s, their ideas about psychics and alternative medicine.
Therefore, I’m my own best friend and keep to myself most of the time. LOL

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Most people are interesting, and I find too many of them fascinating to the point of debilitating distraction. Seriously, an obsession with people and what they have to say can be overwhelming.

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