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Why can't I post a question?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32728points) October 2nd, 2016

I am posting from my android tablet. The site will not allow me to post from my computer at work running Windows 7 or from my home computer running Windows 10.

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We’re hearing this from lots of users. No good explanation yet, I’m afraid. It’ll take the founders to fix this one.

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Setanta and I are able to post questions if we go in through .

Using the mobile version on our desktop works.

Not being able to proof-read makes it a bit awkward, but it’s a work-around.

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I should add I use Internet Explorer at work and Chrome at home. I do not know off hand which version of IE it is, but the Chrome browser at home is up to date.

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Chat is all fucked up too.

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Is chat still a thing?

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I tried to post a question this morning (10 hours ago?) from my computer and it would not let me go to “next” after typing out the question.

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It didn’t work for me yesterday but it did just now.

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All better on my work laptop at least.

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I too get no response at “next” on the laptop, but things are normal from the phone.

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I was just able to ask a question. Last time I tried without success.

Wondering, did someone do something or did it just magically get better?

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@rojo I haven’t heard from Ben or Andrew, so it’s possible that the server just magically sorted itself out. But given that the missing graphics, the chat room problem, and the question bug all seem to have cleared up overnight—and since they seem to have cleared up the day after Ben last visited the site—I’m guessing there was some interference.

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We have magical Ben and Andrew elves who fix things at night! Yay!

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Hooray! I posted a question from the desktop site.

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