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Who is a news source or reporter that you feel most comfortable with?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) October 6th, 2016

I grew up with Walter Cronkite who held my/our hands through tumultuous times and provided unbiased sources of the days news. Who or which news source today do you most identify with…why and can you offer specifics as to why this source or anchor brings you comfort Cronkite once did to my generation?

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Peter Mansbrige from cbc Canada. And Bob Macdonald science correspondent.

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We usually listen to Scott Pelley. I don’t really know why but he is our go to news channel.

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BBC, The Guardian, and Vox are the places I turn to daily.

To find out about the presidential polls, I check the aggregate on Real Clear Politics, and I check 538 blog.

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Jon Stewart.

I seriously mourn his retirement. John Oliver is good, too, but once a week isn’t enough.

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Waleed Aly. He is such an intelligent, rational man. He an academic, who also works as a journalist. He’s also funny, can take the piss out of himself and he’s a musician! He’s able to cross borders. People from all backgrounds respect this man.

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I would say CBC news they seem the most unbiased and always try to get both sides of the story.

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Anything not owned by Rupert Murdoch or 20th century Fox. (which means NOT Fox News or the Wall Street Journal). Fox is inherently suspect.

All journalists and news sources have inherent bias. Just some less than others.

Reuters is reasonably in the middle.

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No one news source or newsperson since I saw Network 40 years ago. But for entertainment news, I like Oliver and miss Stewart.

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Nicholas Kristof – more of an activist journalist, not a newscaster.

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Lawrence O’Donnell

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What happened to @Cruiser?

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He seems to periodically go through a default avatar > exit cycle. My guess is that he’ll eventually reemerge with his 7-necked guitar avatar.

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David Muir. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s hawt!

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Sky News is my go to outlet, they can be pretty full of themselves & some of the team are irritating (i’m looking at you Kay Burley) but overall they give great coverage.

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CBC, Vox and Monocle

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Dimmy Fullabologna.

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I don’t know about a specific person, but I enjoy the New Yorker as well as numerous news outlets on NPR, like Marco Werman and his “The World” program.

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The Onion is the only news source I trust. I have absolute faith in the journalistic integrity of T. Herman Zweibel, his staff and their fine publication.

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@DominicY – definitely agree with Marco Werman as a choice. I hear him on CBC’s overnight programming.

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