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What is the best FTP client for windows?

Asked by dangdang (193points) August 4th, 2008

I currently use Filezilla but wanted to know if there was anything else out there that was even better that I was missing.

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removed by me

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And I like WinSCP: an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.

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I have tried WinSCP a couple times but it crashes on me or fails each time I try to set it up. I have heard many people say it is the best but I have not gotten it to work correctly.

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What is it about WinSCP that makes it any better then Filezilla?

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I always used Core FTP before I switched to Mac.

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I like filezilla and have used nothing else as I’m familiar with it as I use it on Linux as well :)

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CuteFTP is pretty good.

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I second WinSCP: it has good keyboard shortcuts, and lets you edit files directly on the server (well, sort of: if you open a file that’s on the server, it’ll save it in a temporary folder on your own machine; whenever you Save it’ll upload and overwrite with the new version).

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i always used filezilla…

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Nope, Filezilla is the standard- you can’t get any easier.

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I used to like WS-FTP from Ipswitch a lot, but for free you can’t beat FileZilla.

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@chaosrob… One thing I really liked about WS_FTP Pro was that you could set it to auto-parallelize multiple files. So, for instance, if you dragged a directory with ten files in it over, WS_FTP would automatically open ten separate connections to move those files (it was a pref you had to set). That provided huge speed improvement when moving a large number of very small files.

WinSCP will also parallelize transfers, but only if you drag the items yourself one at a time. Stupid.

Does Filezilla…
a) support multiple background transfers?
b) use the WS_FTP Pro approach? or the WinSCP approach?


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Filezilla does multiple transfers and does not require files to be dragged one at a time.

Filezilla doesn’t have the world’s prettiest interface, but the functionality is tough to beat.

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