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Have they invented spray off band-aids yet (details inside )?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18830points) October 9th, 2016

Dissolving band-aids that dissolve when sprayed with a chemical solution for easy removal ? Also Band-Aids that are sprayed on to wounds?

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Well, the problem with dissolving bandaids would be the dissolved bits getting into the wound. Bandages have to be changed.

They do have dissolving sutures, though.

As far as “sprayed-on” bandaids, Dermabond is fairly close. Not spray so much as squirt. It’s basically superglue.

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There’s also New Skin, which is basically like a nail polish type stuff, but with anti-bacterials and stuff. It can be removed by applying more then quickly wiping it off. Or by using acetone. Or, like nail polish, it’ll just wear off on it’s own.

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Warm running water will make taking a band-aid off much simpler. There are several companies that make a liquid bandage. One used to come in a spray but it didn’t work very well & didn’t stay on the market for very long. Most of the others have a brush so you paint the liquid bandage across the wound thereby sealing it. I actually prefer the liquid to the physical band-aid!!!

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