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What is a good part-time, low stress job that I can do?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17720points) October 10th, 2016

Me personally. From what you know of me?

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If I knew, I’d be doing it myself already. Seriously. It would have to be something you could do at home, most likely online. I’m afraid I don’t know any specific jobs like that which are legitimate.

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Have you considered writing erotica? I made a small living for years writing custom erotica for small niche markets which are underserved by the mainstream pr0n industry.

There are two ways you can go with erotica. The first is to try for a small slice of a very large pie by getting published in the mainstream. A single story in Penthouse, for example, can bring in as much as $5k. The problem with this is you’re competing with a large number of professional writers, and if you do happen to make a sale you are paid on publication – which means waiting anywhere up to two years for a paycheque.

The second is the direction I went. I ended up writing mostly for a variety of relatively small online fetish communities which didn’t exist before the Internet because they were spread so sparsely that they never met, such as shrinking, vore, transformation, living statue, flatphile, and so on. It pays a small fraction of what getting published in the mainstream pays (Giantess Magazine paid me $75 for 6000 words, for example), but it usually pays on acceptance. It’s not hard work and if you really polish your craft you can earn your rent in a couple of days of writing.

The nice thing about writing for the sex industry is that it never goes into recession. No one ever has enough pr0n. The market is essentially infinite. If you’re good at what you do and reliable, you can make a living at it. Note that I emphasized reliable. Writers are notoriously flaky and if you can show that you can hit deadlines and churn out quality work on a schedule, you’ll never want for work.

If you want to know how to get started, the first step is identifying markets which aren’t being tapped. This is hard, since some of the fetishes which used to be obscure are now mainstream enough to attract attention from the mainstream market. Giantess fetish, for example, is one of the larger fringe fetish markets now, and you can find thousands of custom giantess videos on PornTube and tens of thousands of stories available for free on a variety of sites. Unless you’re a top talent, there’s no gravy left. So you need to start hanging around “deep web” fetish sites and discovering which ones exist and which ones have people constantly clamouring for new material. What makes the deep web deep is the sites can’t be found in search engines, so the only way to find them is to find links on other deep web sites and keep following them down the rabbit hole.

The nice thing about writing erotica is you can do it in your filthy, unwashed underwear, eating corn chips and pissing into a Pepsi bottle.

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Wow! What a career advice..) But it will require some reliability i guess which you pointed out. I’m not sure if @reddeerguy has that looking at his flakiness expressed by his posts here.Also it will require some good imagination as well.

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How about working in a library? You don’t need a degree to do the things like reshelvimg books or checking them out. I did it for a semester in high school.

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Bookstore help?

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Stocking grocery store shelves? One of my sisters did it when she burnt out from elder-care. The hours can be super early in the morning, with few people around and it’s just methodical, quiet work.

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I’m not sure there are any low stress jobs. Everyone has to turn up/in on time, meet a certain standard of work, deal with people – clients or employers, and deal with bureaucratic crap. If you find these things stressful then your job is going to be stressful. You have to learn to deal with the stress, I think.

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I don’t know much about it, but Amazon’s Mechanical Turk provides a way of making money online. The work isn’t very interesting and, from what I gather, pays about minimum wage, but you can do it without leaving your house and you choose the hours that you work.

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If there are any openings for assembly line or factory work, some of those are low stress to the point of boredom. And some are barely above the level of what a trained monkey could do. But the low stress comes from the fact that you’re trained on what to do and master it, then it’s just endless repetition of the exact same thing. No creativity or real interaction with people required. But it can be mind-numbingly boring.

Another thing you could look for is telephone survey work. There are companies which pay major bucks to find out what people think about their products their likes and dislikes. So that’s who hires people to do those surveys.

What makes it low stress is that it’s NOT SALES. most people hate people calling them to try to sell them stuff. But if the first words are that this is not a sales call then they relax and if they have the time, will usually be willing to do a five minute survey. And if they don’t, ten you just move on to the next number on the list. It’s the total opposite of telephone sales and you get to talk to people from all over.

I did this as a part time for some extra cash. The hours were very flexible, you could choose your own shift since they called people in all time zones. If I had to, I could have done it full time, except it was minimum wage. But definitely no stress at all.

The only problem with it for me was that back in those days it was not smoke free. They did try to separate the room into a section for each but when you’re all cooped up in one huge room, there’s a lot of carryover.

But nowadays that’s not the case. Smokers have to go outside the room so that’s a huge improvement.

Every job has its advantages and disadvantages but if your ONLY criteria is low stress, then factory or assembly line or telephone surveys would be it. I have a hunch that you’d soon have some major dissatisfaction about it one way or another because UNTIL you make up your mind to do whatever it takes (rather than just the easy way to fame and fortune) you’ll find a major flaw in whatever it is that prevents you from continuing. EVERY job has flaws but most people find enough enjoyment or motivation to keep going. Sometimes the main motivation is to keep a roof over their heads or food on the table. Many people simply don’t have the luxury to turn up their nose at all imperfect jobs until that mythical perfect job comes along.

EVERY job has flaws. There is not a perfect job. I’ll just give one example from my own life. I absolutely loved being a teacher from the first moment I set foot in my first classroom. I even loved that it was third grade.

So, what was the big flaw? I’m a natural night owl and have been from childhood. And with teaching, you’re required to be in even earlier than a regular 9–5 job so the hours were killing me. This was not a minor problem for me at all. It took me a long long time to adjust. Most of the time I’d be so exhausted I just hit the bed the second I got home. Sometimes I’d even fall asleep on the subway going home.

But I did what I had to do even if it meant getting three alarm clocks all around the room. I just persisted. There wasn’t much alternative for me if I didn’t want to end up on the streets homeless.

Also, I really loved teaching so much, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. So, I just hung in there and did whatever I had to do to make it work. So, even the best job has flaws and you just have to go into it with the mindset of WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Until you develop that type of mindset, no job on earth will ever suit you.

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There is a portal called ‘Up Works’ and it requires a lot of different talents, which include writers, personal assistants, web designers, voice overs to name a few. I don’t know too much about it since I am not on it. However, years ago, I think it was called O Desk? I had a friend on O Desk and she did quite well.

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I think the best thing for the OP would be a job that got him out of his room. The most stress-free job that I can think of would be stocking shelves in a grocery store.

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Do it @RedDeerGuy1! You have such a wonderful personality, you’re smart. Get a job where you will have some interaction with people.

How about an information booth person at a mall or tourist attraction? A greeter at Walmart? Some people mentioned stocking shelves, you could try that too, or bagging groceries. I think you’re capable of things that take much more brain power, but start easy. I worked a sabbath elevator in a hotel/resort for two days and I had a great time. Just pushing the buttons and talking to the guests.

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Yes I’m into books. I will see If the library will hire.

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@RedDeerGuy1 If you do go into a library and ask for a job, be sure not to ask if you can be hired as a librarian. That is a professional level job and usually requires a Master’s degree. Other people work as clerks but often they must have a bachelor’s degree – not always. It’s possible that they might hire you for reshelving or staffing the circ desk but don’t count on it. Worth a try though.

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Library or bookstore. Try both.

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Or mixing @SmashTheState‘s idea with @zenvelo‘s idea, how about writing fetish porn for librarians?

@janbb might get a kick out of that too. Or be disgusted beyond measure.

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@Kardamom and others acquainted with the field, would there be much interest among librarians for librarian fetish porn?

”....He stood in front her desk, a stack of poetry books in his hand, his breathing purposely swelling his chest up and down. Thinking he could sense the excitement building up in her, he leaned forward, closer to her than the situation really called for. She wiggled suggestively in her chair, “Yesss, She is ready, he thought, not realizing that it was actually the leather thong working its way up her butt that caused her to writhe suggestively…..”

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I can’t speak for all my people but I’m sure some folks have a fetish for librarians and I’m sure they would be interested in this genre. Now, where would Dewey classify it….?

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Go back to school and work for a degree in library studies… I spend a lot of time in the confines of the public library and I find that those who are employed in the service of library science are the most relaxed and pleasant humane beings to deal with.

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