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What is the benefit of the expertise of a licensed architect in a virtual environment that does not have the inherent constraints of physics.

Asked by Ltryptophan (10902points) October 12th, 2016 from iPhone

With the advent of virtual worlds heading our way, what can architects offer in terms of virtual spaces design.

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Infinite proportions.

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The architect is the one person to be depended on to be aware of the physical constraints in the real world regardless of the illusory “virtual” opportunities.

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Check out Second Life and look at the architecture and ship building there. I own several space ships that I can actually fly. Your avatar can also fly in the virtual sims. Loads of public space to explore. Themes and builds from all over. You don’t have to be a licensed architect, of course, but knowing 3D rendering and meshes is essential if you want to build things from scratch. I usually just buy ready-made things and adapt them for my use.

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cazzie but what about z question!

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Go look and see what people are making. Many of the kids building in Second Life are students who are learning rendering and 3D model making for degrees in architecture. It IS a virtual space for building exactly what you are asking about. You asked about building in virtual worlds, well, Second Life IS a massive virtual world where it has been going on for years.

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Yes, I know. I’m sure it helps the architect students tremendously. My question is how do THEY help that environment with their knowledge.

For one, I would say they would know best about traffic flow in a space. That’s my example.

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Building to scale in a virtual environment is a challenge. Avatar size varies a great deal. Movement constrictions of avitars need to be accounted for. I’m meeting this afternoon at Spaceport Alpha with the Science Friday group that has been meeting just over 7 years. Come meet up.

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Will do
my best to meet up there next time.

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What is your avatar’s name?

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