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Is Phil Collins the least worthy Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) October 12th, 2016

I think listening to Phil Collins is a step above listening to the Barney song. Does anyone disagree?

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I totally disagree. Each to his own though.

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His stuff (whether solo or with Genesis) since the early 80s – bland, milquetoast middle-of-the-road pop rock. His stuff with Genesis during the 70s, especially when Peter Gabriel was still with them – godly.

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Is not all “rock n roll” bland?

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Eye of the beholder. Ignore the insoluble trap around issues of taste and concentrate on the yardsticks that matter——things like revenues generated.

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Yep, each to his own as @Chyna said.
I like Phil Collins and as @Darth_Algar mentions, Genesis was a great sound in the 70’s. Follow you, will you follow me…love that song, but…I’m also a 70’s girl so of course I am biased to the tunes of my own era.
The 70’s were great, the 80’s not so much and then the 90’s artists came roaring in with some amazing stuff.

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Genesis was awesome.

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I love Phil.

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Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is literally meaningless.

NWA and Public Enemy are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Iron Maiden isn’t.

End of argument.

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I don’t give a toot to even look up who the other people on the list are. If “revenues generated” has anything to do with it, I double don’t care.

I’m not a great fan of Collins but he seems more competent/interesting than most pop musicians. Many people like him, so I’m not surprised he’s on that list.

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Pretty much. While I won’t delve into whether or not certain kinds of groups should be in (rap and rock music, afterall, both flow from the same wellspring), the HoF is pretty meaningless. It’s basically a pet project of Rolling Stone founder/editor Jann Wenner, and if he doesn’t like your music then you ain’t getting in.

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He’s not much of a singer, but he is a fine drummer.

The worst group:
The Sex Pistols. I loved most punk in the early days, and everyone knew the Pistols were shit.

The worst single member:
Miles Davis. Now, I love Jazz, and Miles is unequalled, but what the hell is he doing in a Rock and Roll hall of fame?

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Not that I care, but it is a hall of fame, not a hall of quality. The Sex Pistols are famous enough that non-punk-fans know about them. Besides, they’re a punk band, doing what they did as well as anyone did what they did. They did a really good job of being the Sex Pistols, even if that means being shit from certain other perspectives.

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@Zaku Excellent point. Like people that say certain animals are “dumb.” Well the Turkey is smart enough to be a Turkey, therefore it is a perfect Turkey. haha

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Eh, the Sex Pistols weren’t punk. They were as manufactured as any boy band. Put together by a money-driven manager to cash in on a fringe fashion by popularizing it. The goal was for the Sex Pistols to grab as much spotlight as they could so that board youths would then buy the clothing in Malcolm McLaren’s shop. If you want punk listen to Crass.

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The Clash is The Only Band That Matters. plus, they could actually play instruments.

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Is there anything better than Boom Boom Boom?

I say… maybe not.

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