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Can I cash this check in the ATM even if it's paid out to my friend?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (558points) October 12th, 2016

Long story. Friend doesn’t have a bank account. I’m helping him cash some checks into my account. The checks are made out to him. He endorsed on the back. He said he needed to be present with an ID at the bank in order for me to cash it into my account, since the check is for him. But we were late and couldn’t get into the bank. I won’t see him for a bit later but I’m wondering if I can deposit this into the ATM instead.

So the back of the check has his name and my name and account number. Is it okay to deposit it into the ATM? I have Chase by the way.

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I, too, bank with Chase.

They will need to have your friend present with ID in order to cash the check. It will not work to deposit with the ATM.

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Aight, simple enough. Thanks. I didn’t want to risk putting it in the ATM and have a whole fiasco unfold.

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You could deposit it at the ATM. But the funds may not be available to you for a couple business days.

Depositing a check that is endorsed over to you is done all the time. It just takes a bit of time for it to clear. You could only “get cash” if you have the balance to cover whatever you would give your friend, and have it made up when the checks clear.

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