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How do you get facial hair to grow?

Asked by CptnKirk (27points) July 22nd, 2007 from iPhone

Have spots where hair does not grow!

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I'm guessing you are a teenager. Just give it time, as you get older your facial hair will become more consistent.

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No not a teenager! Almost 30, just have a couple of small area's where hair refuses to grow. I really don't like shaving but it looks odd.

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Oh, sorry. In that case I don't know. Have you tried asking your doctor?

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Some people just can't grow consistent facial hair. My father who is in his 60s has never been able to grow a full beard...his solution was to grow a goatee. It may also have to do with genetics...if you have any asian heritage (also includes part of russia/mongolia) it may be harder for you.

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29 year old white male here. I have the same problem. I don't think that anything can be done medicinally to help.

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Yeah I figured! It just would be nice to not have to shave everyday. It just looks odd if I don't.

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i've heard/seen the 'asian' thing too - also with native american ancestry. BUT, it's the same patchy growth with my irish/italian boyfriend. it's just how it is.

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yep same here - Asian and hv patches on cheeks where hair doesn't grow...also can't get the moustache to connect to I settle on a 'van duke' or goatee sans moustache.

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Shaving with a razor as opposed to a an electric shaver supposedly helps.

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Definitely go with what you got and make whatever adjustments you need to to make the overall picture look good. If I let mine go how it grows naturally, it looks like crap. But, if I trim away the areas that don't grow well and make it symmetrical, it looks pretty good. That means no hair on the cheeks and long sideburns with breaks on either side of the goatee.

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More beer = more facial hair. It seems to work for me

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