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How do you get motivated?

Asked by maggie_philologist (36points) October 22nd, 2016

Do you have any routine or are there things that get you motivated? If so, what are they?

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I have a pop and wear comfortable cotton clothing and crank the heat.

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It just sort of happens (when it happens)

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First I have to be warm. If I’m cold I’m miserable and paralyzed.

I plan things to do. Adventures. I look up the tourist attractions within 1.5 hour and see one every 4–8 weeks (depends how busy I am) making it into a day trip. Always something to look forward to.

I also look for new places to eat within 30 minutes. I only eat out once or twice a week anyway, so a new place might once a month in addition to the eating when doing a touristy thing mentioned above.

Then layer in a vacation a few times a year. It can be anything from one night to a week, it all counts.

I go to Zumba. I go to meetups I’m interested in. I help random people when I can. I talk to random people who are interested in talking and listen to their opinions and stories.

Having those things to look forward to and experience keeps my mood up, and then I can do all the other crap that is necessary in life.

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What are you trying to motivate yourself to do?

How I motivate myself (or try to – sometimes I’m supremely unsuccessful), depends on what I’m trying to get myself to do.

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A high metabolism is a great advantage.

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Nothing motivates me more than a nice, heaping dose of self-disgust does.

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I fake it until I make it. If I don’t feel motivated, I start to do whatever it is that I need to do, and generally motivation follows.

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I just do what needs to be done, whether I want to or not. That’s life, just do it
Do the stuff you don’t want to do so you have completed your obligations and are now free to do whatever you wish. Sometimes I like a little marijuana, really gets me focused on the procrastinated projects and gets my creative juices flowing.

Want me to paint your walls bronze anyone? haha

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Hot shower, with face washed, and cup of hot coffee.

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When push comes to shove it happens. Not a moment before.

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By alternating between things I want to do and things I need to do.

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If I stay unmotivated for long I always fear my depression
will return and I do not want to cope with that because
if I am depressed I am totally unmotivated to do anything!
So fear of depression gets me going.

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