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What's your longest streak?

Asked by cinnamonk (5397points) October 24th, 2016

link to typing game

My longest streak without mistyping is 274! Can you best me?

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new personal record! 350.

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Haha, hell no, but good for you. lol

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288, 94.4 accuracy…not bad for the first time. Those random letters are a bitch tho

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471, slightly disappointing but I was using my toes so…

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1002, 97.4% accuracy.

I’m confused by the letters that fan out slowly towards the bottom. They’re distracting, and I’m never sure if I’m supposed to shoot at them.

2nd go: 1215, 93.2% accuracy.

Apparently, you do have to shoot the random letters that fan out – this game gets very stressful as it goes on!

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Wave 012
98.3% accuracy
Longest streak 244

- That’s my first effort. That was fun. I’ll play again, probably.

This let me know my S key sticks. New keyboard time.

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Wave 9
96.1% accuracy
Longest streak 105

First effort, two glasses of wine.

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I’ve played it twice. I think I did better the first time. Awfully stressful.
Wave 9
streak 86

Oh, you can look up your stats. Uh oh, I hope I don’t get addicted.
My first game I did better, but my max streak was lower:
Wave 12
streak 75

@dappled_leaves At the higher levels, the big ships with long words will fire a stream of one-letter missiles if you let them get low enough on the screen.

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502, 89% accuracy.

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I love this game.

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