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What to do without a computer till monday ?

Asked by iwamoto (5261points) August 5th, 2008

so my MBP is in the shop for some small maintianence, however, i was so nice as to give my ibook to my brother the day before, so now there’s a big empty spot on my desk till monday

so what to do till then ? anyone got a good tip other then my ususal recipe of playing videogames ? i’ll be getting my rebel XTi in a few days, but what to do in the meantime…

any tips on cool hobby’s, things to learn in a few days ? without the use of a computer ofcourse…

i hate going cold turkey like this

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I went a week without a computer when I had to turn in my work one. I was in the process of moving. After two days, I went and bought a new iMac. I couldn’t take it.

I even tried using a public library computer.

Good luck!

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How about talking to a live human being, face to face? Calling someone on the phone? Taking a walk? Visiting a museum, a park, a zoo, or any place that 3-dimensional life takes place? Yes, I love fluther too, but you could seize the opportunity to actually LIVE. At least for a few days.

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Blow things up!

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Jenga (sp?)
Building a boat in a bottle. If you can do that, you can do anything.

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Panic! Then buy another one quick! :-)
Read some books, go to the movies, play some ping pong with a friend.

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well, the thing is, when i visite friends…i only have nerd friends so i end up hogging up their machines and that’s something i wan to avoid

i saw the dark knight last night with some friends, so there’s no problem with the social interaction, the origami gave me some ideas though

it’s not the lack of a machine, it’s the lack of things to do without one….

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Beer Pong

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@iwa; perhaps make some new friends? Try bird watching, square dancing, visiting an old person, pick up trash in a public park (oh, I forgot. The Dutch don’t litter.) Do something that is not ego-centric.

Drop by my house and clean my refrigerator.

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Buy a camera. Take pictures.

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My car needs to be cleaned out, vaccuumed, and washed… LOL

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how about not being a tool and dealing with the fact that you arent gonna have a computer for a little bit. ya know we used to survive without them

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@waterskier: That wasn’t nice. He’s not a tool… you try going without something that’s so ingrained in your daily routine for a few days. Geez. I’d be asking the same question if I didn’t have my computer, or my Zune.

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mr. melted, like i posted, my canon rebel xti will be comming in a few days, i already ordered it, but seeing as i am a nice guy, i already gave my old compact to my folks…

@ws, i appreciate the immaturity and all, but this is not a “omg! i fogot my makeup, what will i do??!!” but more a “what would you recoomend to do for a period of time without a digital appliance?” kind of question…..i know you’ll understand

well, i bought a few video games, invited a friend over tomorrow, and am going to connect a friend to the internet this evening…so far so good

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@poof, trust me my computer is ingrained in my life as much as anyone elses. but were acting like its this huge thing that we cant live without. grow up and deal with it

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@waterskier: Well since you put it that way… rolling eyes

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Play solitaire with ACTUAL CARDS! I don’t even know if I remember how to do that
Puzzles (of any kind – word, sodoku, brain teasers, jigsaw, etc) are a great way to occupy your mind, and your time.

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@augustlan: games are blocked here at work so I have a deck of cards in my desk to play solitaire… you forget how big of a pain it is. LOL

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@p&m…and it takes up so much space!

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also @p&m…little do they know they should be blocking Fluther!

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@augustlan: LOL right? We’re actually encouraged to surf the internet on our off-time between calls. lol

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I like mirza’s idea, but I know you don’t drink. Anyway, lurve for mirza!

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Pick up a language audio tape/CD from your local library and try learning a new language or refresh your memory on one of the languages you learned earlier but don’t use as much. Reorganize things in your room/house. Read new novels (also found at library :P). Write a story/poem/song on paper. Photography is always fun too, as someone mentioned above. Good Luck! Hope you survive :)

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