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What are some good weeknight activities that can be done with friends?

Asked by derekpaperscissors (626points) July 29th, 2009

What’s a good activity to do with friends during weeknights? It shouldn’t involve much drinking because we already do that during the weekends. I’m looking for something that counters the load you deal with throughout the weekday. Maybe even meet new people and friends along the way.

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My friends and I like to get together and form very obscure hate groups.

Fuck YOU Mary Poppins.

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Everyone rotate hosting a weekly cook in or invite for potluck
Play Wii Fit
Shoot pool
Bowling in a real bowling alley

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Fluther! haha, just kidding =)
You could go play at a pool hall, or if you live near one, hit the beach!
There’s a club in my area that has dance (salsa) class on Thursdays, you should look up the options in your area!

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PARTY!, play poker, pot, we play pool, we go swimming in the pool.
I don’t like drinking…

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pick a form of transportation, whether it be car, train, bus, or foot…and just go until something strikes your fancy.
works wonders for me.
even the most mundane places can be pretty fun if you’re with your friends and you just kind of end up there.

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@tiffyandthewall good idea. ROADTRIP!!! how could I have forgotten my word of the week?? haha

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@Blondesjon lol I laughed, read aloud that last line, and my dog looked at me, cocked his head to the side, and farted…....

I don’t know what that means but I’m pretty sure he was disappointed in my sense of humor…

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@tiffyandthewall and @Chongalicious
oooh roadtrip sounds nice! :) something about getting lost and all haha

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I’ve found it’s great to go to a diner and talk over a meal. Actually did that with a friend last night and we just talked about a bunch of stuff for a few hours.
(But swallow before you speak please)

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I love board games. But of course it all depends on the friends. You could all go to the cinema together, or rent a movie and watch it at home eating pop corn. Or just sit and talk. Staying in with friends is one of my favourite pastimes actually.

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We play board games too – we’ve got tons of them, and we try to have a game night a couple times a month. The only problem is, everybody has so much fun that they stay really late – so maybe it’s not a work night activity after all…

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Yeah! We’d go bowling on the weekends,
Go to a concert,
Go swimming,
Go to the movies,
Roadtrips would be awesome!

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@derekpaperscissors, I did get really lost in Richmond (VA) once. We weren’t necessarily on a road trip, but an unofficial field trip from my high school to Kuba Kuba in the city. Everyone in my class who had a car took as many people as they could, and we began driving up there. The guys I wound up riding with were really cool. I knew them a little, but not a whole lot, except for one! (that’s Cesar) So we were driving, and it was pretty misty outside. Noe is the driver, and his car fishtailed out of control and he almost hit another car! So Jonny, who is in the back with me, starts screaming at him saying “OH MY GOD!!! You’re about to kill us! Let me out!!!” They keep arguing up until we get to the highway ramp, where Noe stops the car and says “OK, Jonny. GET OUT MY CAR!”, and opens the door. Now, we’re stopped on a highway entrance ramp, while everyone else is driving away, and we don’t know how to get to the restaurant! Jonny yells at Noe to drive before we lose them, so he takes off! We never found them, we were driving around richmond, lost for about an hour before Cesar finally remembered he had GPS on his cell phone! We go in, and they’re done eating. I think to myself “How is it that I would pick the only car to get lost??” But now, I’m good friends with all of them because we were all able to laugh about it pretty much immediately after it was over!

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