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Have you had acid reflux for longer than 10 years?

Asked by tan253 (2820points) November 4th, 2016

Hi All,
As you know I suffer terrible health anxiety. I’m having terrible stomach issues yet again. Last night I had a severe bout of heart- burn that goes into my back but I’m not sure it’s acid reflux? I feel no burning but just pain, does anyone else get this? I’ve also had this on and off for 10 years, on and off losec and have months where I’m fine and can eat anything and then some months like now where I’m scared to eat! I don’t know what to eat anymore, no diets seem to work for me. Plus I’ve got that weird bubble back. I’m paranoid I’ve got stomach cancer as I know Gerd can cause this. Getting a gastroscopy soon but hugely paranoid about that and have been putting it off for months. I guess I’m wondering if anyone has suffered this for years and is still ok. I just want my gut back!! I want to eat nachos!

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I am not a doctor.

I had gallbladder disease that presented as pain between my shoulder blades. Sometimes it was a dull ache, like i needed a massage or a chiropractor. Other times it felt like I was being stabbed in the back. Once this happened a few weeks of serious upset stomach, increased belching, indigestion, vomiting stomach acid… I’d eat an almost zero fat diet for a while, then ease back into regular foods.

Eventually I had the bastard yanked out.

Four years later I still can’t eat too much fat in one sitting without indigestion. At least the stabby feeling is gone.

I say that to say, have you ever had an abdominal ultrasound?

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I have GERDS. My dad died from Barretts and I found out I have a precursor to Barretts. My gastro told me diet is everything so I think you should change your mind where just because you have no symptoms you can eat anything. Your symptoms over 10 years to me sceams GERDS so you should IMO be very watchful of what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. My Gastro told me to eat whatever you want but eat ½ the amount and DO NOT eat past 6 PM. A stomach with food in it at bed time is the most destructive element of having GERDS.

Here is a page on a GERDS diet you may find helpful. Please take this very seriously.

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I had bad acid reflux if I ate a late lunch or dinner. After years of misery, my doctor connected it with mild diabetes. I was able to change my diet and largly rid myself of acid reflux and diabetes.

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Yeah I ate pasta last night and then had custard after ;) I have had an ct colonoscopy and I assume that showed my gallbladder. The dr said no gallstone detected but I did have a kidney stone but gall stones run in my family. I think I should ask for an abdominal ct scan too. I just don’t know if it’s gerd and my Mum had gall stones and she said the same thing with the pain. Any other telling signs of gallbladder disease?

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Yes, but 40mg of Omeprazole keeps it in check. Avoiding acidic foods does the trick. Drinking lots of water helps.

Having lost a bunch of weight recently, I can say that helps a bunch too.

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Gallstones are usually diagnosed by the much-less-radiology-including abdominal ultrasound.

And not really, many people live their whole life with gallstones and never know it.

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I’ve just gone and bought some digestive enzymes, I’m over these attacks, really doesn’t feel like acid but just pain radiating to shoulders, also i burp a lot too even if I drink water, and I’m taking 10mg omeprazole…. I’m mega stressed though so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it – I just worry that I’ve got Barrett’s or cancer of the oesophagus. My mind….

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I mean, if it makes you feel better, yay, but those digestive enzymes aren’t going to do anything for you. That’s just alternative medicide woofuckery.

If you’re in pain, call your doctor. If you’re in a LOT of pain, go to the hospital. We can’t diagnose you over the internet, and it seems like your attempts to self-diagnose are just stressing you out.

There are people that go to school for many years to be able to accurately diagnose health issues. If you’re not one of them, don’t do their job.

And if you recognise yourself as a hypochondriac, add a call to a psychiatrist to your list. There’s likely an underlying cause that might be able to be helped for much less money than a bunch of voluntary CT scans.

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I would ask your doctor about H. Pylori. My friend had horrible heartburn for years and eventually his dad (a pharmacist) demanded they do some test for it. A few pills everyday for a month and as far as I know it hasn’t been a problem for two decades.

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My dad has had it since before I was born I’m 48. No cancer yet. He does get scoped now and then to evaluate his esophagus.

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I had my gall bladder taken out 40 years ago. In spite of what others here say, I have found digestive enzymes to be a great help. I still need to be careful of what I eat, but they do make a difference. PM me if you’re interested in more info.

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As stated I am getting a gastroscopy I’m just reaching out that’s all – I don’t think I ever asked to be evaluated by anyone here, it’s just about human contact and hearing your stories – that’s all. Makes me feel better knowing I’m not an isolated case! Had the test for H pylori – tested twice now.

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I feel like burping and radiating pain in your back and shoulders sounds like it could be gas rather than heartburn.

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yeah I wonder that too @ANef_is_Enuf has when I burp it subsides, and it also goes away if I breathe really deeply and slowly. I guess a scope will tell me what’s going on hopefully. My fear is is that if it’s clear i will go my gallbladder or pancreas! x

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Your back pain could be reflux. It seems that there are a lot less pain nerves in the GI area, so sometimes your body will feel the pain somewhere else. It happened to me, and I was having pains in my left arm. Since this can be a symptom of angina, I went to a cardiologist to get checked out. It turns out it was not my heart, but my GERD acting up.

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That makes sense, I think my Dr called it ‘referred pain’ – makes sense.

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I’ve had it for well over 25 years and if I dare miss a day of Omeprazole my life turns into a misery. I have been suffering from various gastrointestinal issues over the years and diet is a major problem. Stress seems to make things even worse.

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@zephyra do you get back pain and have you had scopes?

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