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Can I make bread without using yeast?

Asked by allen_o (1485points) August 5th, 2008 from iPhone

my girlfriend can’t eat wheat or yeast, I’d love to make her some special bread as a suprise, can anyone help?

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@mega: No good. All flour, unless specified, is ground from wheat. Yeastless breads are easy; flourless ones more difficult. Check here

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Hmm. I’ve known only one person allergic to wheat. They were a stripper, got preggo and married a client, then made him pay off all of her old debts.

She would shop at Whole Foods for organic crap, largely due to the point that you don’t know what OTHER ingredients you’ll buy would contain wheat or wheat derivitives.

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There are many types of bread you can bake without using yeast. Biscuits, and flatbreads, if you would check the web, you would be so surprised how many breads you would find that do not require yeast or go to J.

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Or check my sites ^^ for recipes with rice, almond, etc flours.

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Ya, you can definitely make some. I myself cannot eat wheat as well as a number of other foods, and I still manage to make a number of different breads without using wheat or yeast. They taste fairly normal. I bought a recipe book, but I’m sure some of them are online. I’ve probably decided that Brown Rice Flour might be the tastiest of all the substitute flours. If you go to your local health food store they may carry a brand called Namaste Foods, which makes a variety of readymade flour mixes for things such as muffins, brownies, cookies, cakes, etc.

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