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Is sourdough bread part of this evil processed wheat thing?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19059points) January 6th, 2011

I keep hearing about how white bread is bad, and whole wheat is good. Does this include sourdough, french, sheephearders, etc – or is this simply a land where WonderBread and whole grain are the only options?

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It has to do with the bleaching of the flour, so probably.

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I hate sourdough.

To answer your question…seems to me sour dough is a white bread made with bleached flour. I think the difference is the yeast, but I might remember that incorrectly. So, if you are avoiding white bread, I think you need to avoid sourdough. You probably need to look for whole grain breads. I hate whole wheat bread. But, I like many other grain breads. Personally, I don’t think it is a big deal to have a piece of white bread once in a while.

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Sourdough can be made with whole wheat, just like any other bread. The whole in whole wheat means flour that is milled from the entire wheat germ, not the stripped kind. It doesn’t have to be brown, if bleached, but most people prefer the unbleached kind.

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Any grain has to be processed into flour before you can make any kind of bread. Answer, yes.

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@YARNLADY So then how would I go about finding out if my sourdough is made from the entire wheat germ and not bleached?

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If you are buying commercial sourdough bread, it should be labeled with what it is. If you got it from some other source, check with the source.

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Real sour dough made by a good bakery using whole wheat organic flours is the real shit. Unfortunately it also costs you. So no, its not part of the evil processed wheat thing. But if you talk to the gluten free brigade they will tell you all wheat is evil. its a complicated world sometimes. I still eat wheat, just not to much.

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@papayalily If it is white it is probably bleached. If it it wheat colored, brown, then you would have to clarify if it is whole grain flour or just wheat or whole wheat. It will be listed in the ingredients. If it is from a bakery, ask the bakery. Here is link with an explanation

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@JLeslie Even at Whole Foods? Damn, most of their bread is white…

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@papayalily For some reasons I think there is whole grain bleached, but you would have to check me on that. So you get the fiber, and the slower release of sugars to the blood stream, but still the bleach. But, thatis me just thinking out loud, not from a place of real knowing.

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@papayalily – Whole Foods isn’t a health food store. They’re a “natural” food store. Most of the white bread they have is supposed to be unbleached and unbromated, just made white by removing all of the “brown” parts of the grain (like the bran and germ) that would be in whole grain bread. Of course, that takes away the vast majority of the nutritional value, but like I said, they’re not about health food necessarily. You can tell from looking at the fatty desserts and alcohol section. :) All of that is “natural,” but then, so is arsenic.

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I’m sure it’s the bleach in white bread.

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