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Should changes be made to the election process?

Asked by augustlan (47701points) August 5th, 2008

What changes could be made that would make the US a true democracy, with an involved populace?

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Yes. Abolish the electoral college.

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Four words:
Remove the electoral college.

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@les My answer is 4 words as well.

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@tina: I know, that’s why I GA’d you. ;-)

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After we tear that electoral college down, maybe do away with the 2 party system, and have every candidate answer the same series of questions on issues facing the country, more like a job application. Then have primaries open to all, and in the general election, the top 3 or so have a run-off.

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I’d also like to see a longer voting period throughout the country, and voting by phone or computer (if security logistics allow). I think MANY more people would vote.

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No country with a reasonable amount of inhabitants will ever be a true democracy. Every person would have to vote (seriously, with though) on every issue. And even if that’d be the case, minorities still wouldn’t be protected.

But the two-party system in the US is really retarded. And the president probably has too much power, but I don’t know enough of the US electoral system to be able to support that. I do think that elections focus too much around the persons (Obama/McCain) instead of what they stand for. But that’s probably the case in every democracy (it is in the Netherlands).

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We’re not a democracy. We’re a Representative Republic. The President of the United States doesn’t have a whole lot of power…he has the powers of veto, justice and federal judge appointments, pardon, commander in chief, and calling Congress to session. Aside from that, he’s got pretty much nothing.

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I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, but what is wrong with the Electoral College? Also, will tearing down the 2 party system be any better than what we had during the beginning of our country?

Actually, I ask because I really don’t know the real reasons. And because I don’t get to use the phrase “devil’s advocate” a lot…

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@ win..Officially, anyway. End of two parties, as it leads to emotional masturbation as you choose between two unqualified losers. Destroy electoral college, although I understand the safety net it can be. I agree with augustlan that they need to answer the same hard questions. Maybe we can get bill maher to rake them over the coals. But, for me the next most important would be CLEAN ELECTION FUNDING!!!!

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@jcs. It can be both a blessing and a curse. I forget my history here, but did we have two major functioning parties @ one time back in the early dark ages? Technology is the main difference from the early days to now. And, just like the electoral college is a blessing/curse.

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@ jcs. Sorry. I didn’t see the tail end of your offering. Two party should be clarified to two Major/Acknowledged parties. All the others are crackpots, since so few seem to bother looking them up, you see. Back in the day, Jefferson was the first president of the, and correct me if im wrong, repub. party. Before were dems/whits? Anyway we digress a bit.
Now I’m gonna shut up and take my correcting like a good child.

I stand with egg on my face.

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Lincoln was the first Republican president. I believe that Jefferson was Whig.

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