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Two words: power outage.

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To put on my cake

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They smell nice.

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To light the darkness.

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Haha, our lass has many of scented candles around the house, feels like a papal mass.
She…ahem, we buy the yankee candle brand which is very popular over here.
I have to admit, most of them smell womderfully & also create a cosy ambiance of an evening.

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To be used in bondage play.

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Light, scent, and during the last ice storm they helped keep us warmish.

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To lay back in the candle light while I relax in the Jacuzzi with my wife.

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@ragingloli – I used to have a candle that was made of massage wax. It was pretty fantastic.

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They’re romantic!

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Also, they’re great for when you get through decorating, get’s rid of that horrid paint smell.

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Because they are mystical and watching a flame can calm you down.

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I have tall tapers on the dinnertable every night, no matter what’s on the menu. A pair of candles can add a feeling of specialness even to macaroni and cheese or soup and sandwiches.

I light a tea candle in an amber-colored glass holder in the corner window of the kitchen every single night. When it gets dark early, I may use a second one.

Two nights a week, when my husband and I read aloud and when we have our weekly movie night, I have candles in holders burning on the mantel in the living room.

Through the holiday season, I have decorative candles going in numerous places. All unscented, by the way: the fragrance can become overwhelming in a relatively small space.

Candles add a feeling of warmth, they can be festive or solemn, and in my mind they are also like a beacon or a declaration of faith and hope. When my son was gone, I lit a special candle for him every night.

When there’s a power outage, my house is ready.

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To summon a higher power! ;)

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We have candles around the house (dining room, entry, lounge and rumpus) and I have lots in our ensuite. We have a huge bathtub and love to share a candle-lit bath. While quite a few are perfumed, I prefer unperfumed candles. The perfume can make me feel ill. I love to have candles lit around the house at Christmas.

Not quite so romantic, but I’ve been known to light a candle to burn off a particularly horrid dog fart.

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To put inside a pumpkin

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Because I don’t steal.

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