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Does anyone customize their phone as much as I do?

Asked by girlofscience (7545points) August 5th, 2008

(All you iPhone people can sit this one out. Your phone is already user friendly. I’m not talking about you.)

I just got a new phone, and I am taking hours to investigate every possible setting and choose every option to my exact liking. My boyfriend seems to think this is abnormal and that “most people” use their phones pretty much as is, aside from maybe changing the screensaver. What about you? Do you look through every setting and make your phone perfectly suited to your preferences? Or do you just accept the default menu, button commands, font, colors, etc.?

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i look at everysingle setting. i have had my phone since christmas and i still mess with the settings alot my dad does it also

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Before I had an iPhone I was the same as you- I went through every setting, changed the buttons around, etc. You are not abnormal at all.

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Sounds like you would be a perfect candidate for an iPhone…and yes same as TheHaight.

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I play with every possible setting on my phone. But i know some people who put whole new OS’ on their phones

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I confess, I change mine almost daily!

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I agree with sndfreQ, you should get an iPhone if you like customization. :)

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I make my own themes and stuff for my phone, so yeah.

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