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No more Win 7 updates?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9892points) November 17th, 2016

After the deadline for Microsoft’s “free” Win 10 updates passed (June 29, I believe), I had been getting fewer and fewer Win 7 updates for my computer. Now for the past month I have gotten none whatsoever.
Is Microsoft no longer supporting Win 7, or just sending updates less frequently?

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Windows 7 is on “Extended Support”, meaning security updates only, no feature updates, until January 2020.

The lifecycle calendar for different editions is here.

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Microsoft also announced that they are changing from the incremental update structure (which they have used for years) to a more batch-like structure which is what was begun with W10. As I understand it, there will be big W7 update ‘dumps’ from time to time, mostly security-based since they are not doing anything new in terms of W7 functionality.

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OIC, no wonder! Thanks, @Call_Me_Jay and @elbanditoroso!

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