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When a girl did this what does it mean?

Asked by saltlife98 (45points) November 17th, 2016

When I was staring into class I was looking at the trash can. When I looked over in the corner of my eyes I saw the girl I’m crushing on looking at me & smiling while she had her hands on her head. Then today I heard her saying I don’t know why he looks at me?

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Misinterpretations on both sides, you were looking spaced out, got her attention, then you looking hat her after she looked at you, got her attention….iw was nothing…move on with life.

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She might be curious what’s there to stare at trash can.

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I’ll never understand the obsession teenagers have with “looking”.

Dude, talk to her. “You know, I think you’re really pretty and I really like you. Would you sit with me at lunch tomorrow? I’d really like to get to know you better.”

It’s not that fucking hard, bro.

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But the thing is today In class i heard her saying I don’t know why he looks at me. So idk

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Only way to find out is to ask! What’s the worst that could happen?

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Well, the worst thing that could happen is that the OP could be embarrassed. That’s a big deal when you’re this young. But trust me, @saltlife98, it’s okay to ask and have someone tell you they’re not interested. The next time, you will find it easier to ask, and you will eventually meet someone who wants to be asked.

Just be kind and respectful, and take the other person seriously if they say they’re not interested.

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So if she said that it mean that she doesn’t like me then

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No, it’s possible that she’s wondering if you did it because you like her and that she likes you too. She’s obviously taken interest for either a positive or negative reason. There’s literally no way to find out without asking her. Life is too short for these games, dude.

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Ask her. There is a chance that she likes you too. Speculating is useless.

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But idk today in class i heard her saying “i don’t know why he looks at me”. So idk

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