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Does it really matter if you put your modem on the floor?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12574points) August 5th, 2008

Our internet has been incredibly crappy recently, and my roommate said she moved the modem off the floor. Now it works perfectly. Was it because of the move? And if so, why?

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My modem gets extremely hot; I’d say it may be circulation related; unless it includes a wifi antenna then that may be the only reason (heat dissipation). Can’t think of any others.

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Is it the modem or the router?

If it’s just the modem, it may have just been a bad cable/connection.

I’ve had my modem on the floor for a LONG time. No problems at all.

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It depends on the modem, and where the ventilation holes are. If they’re near the floor, then they won’t get much circulation, and you run the risk of your electronics overheating and then the modem won’t work at all. Good move by rour roommate.

Yes, it was because of the move.

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internet does not “do” floor. it cannot work on the floor. internet soars in the clouds.

internet cannot work in these conditions. internet shall be in its trailer.

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I don’t see any problem, as long as you don’t step on it!

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Actually, the router stopped working shortly after I posted this. We were all convinced the problem was with the modem, but now we’re using my boyfriend’s router, and it works just fine. Weird, eh?

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