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Why won't my ipod touch play youtube?

Asked by tyler1217 (14points) August 5th, 2008 from iPhone

my ipod touch just won’t let search for any youtube video but it let’s me play my bookmark ones

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Have you tried restarting it, or turning it off? Sometimes if I leave my phone on too long it gets buggy. If that fails, connect it to iTunes and do a restore.

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Restart it. Fixes 4/5 problems. Also, there should be a youtube desktop icon on your iPod/iPhone. That’s how you will play youtube videos, not through the Safari browser.

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it lets me watch youtube videos if you do the youtube shortcut it just won’t let me search for any vids I still can watch my book marks

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Try restoring through iTunes. Plug it into your computer, click on ‘Restore’.

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Did you jailbreak it? If so, you forgot to check “enable YouTube”

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My ipod touch ihas a WIFI connection but wont connect to youtube or safari. The date and time are correct and I’ve reseted it many times. Anyone knows what to do?

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i get the youtube videos to load but then they wont play.

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get a wifi connection or restart your ipod touch

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