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Is it illegal for any employer to ask if a female applicant is pregnant?

Asked by flo (11630points) November 23rd, 2016

Let’s say in America, or wherever that you kow about, is it illegal for any employer to ask if a female applicant is pregnant? Or does it depend on the kind of task te employee is expected to do? If yes why and if no why not?

I mean does it depend if the job is unsuitable for the safety of fetus and or not? This OP is what reminded me of the question.
The employer can just tell you the conditions of the job not ask you if you’re pregnant. Please ignore this question. I wanted to cancel it but it’s not possible.

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Yes, it is illegal. One cannot ask applicants any questions about their health, only if they can meet the requirements of the job.

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It is illegal here.

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It’s illegal here too.

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@flo: Flag the question yourself, tell the mods why.

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It’s only legal if you are the father.

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@canidmajor I don’t know if it’s worth flagging it though, it’s not so bad.

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Well then maybe you can have them remove the last paragraph.

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I’m sure they have more important stuff to do, not worth it.

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In the US it’s illegal to ask if someone is pregnant. Also illegal to ask if they are married, if they have children. Almost everything considered personal is illegal to ask.

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Specifically yes, but it is not illegal for them to ask if you have any conditions which may hinder you from performing the job you’re applying for. The employer doesn’t need to know details, but they do need to know if you truly can perform the job.

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