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Do you think most Trump voters will be pissed if Trump pivots, or will they say they knew he wasn't really serious?

Asked by JLeslie (61646points) November 23rd, 2016 from iPhone

Building a wall, locking up Hillary, I’m sure there are others.

Will his supporters most likely feel like they were lied to and duped? Will they be pissed off?

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He has no choice with the wall thing, the Mexicans will build their own to keep you mad yanks out.

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His pivots are attempts to distract us from the fact he’s setting himself up to rape the planet and take as much money as he can grab. I trust nothing from a man who would give Steve Bannon a job that did not require any Congressional oversight.

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~I don’t think that they would be intelligent enough to notice.

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They already said that the don’t expect him to follow through. Even during the primaries a lot of people said they didn’t expect a wall to be built. It was some metaphor or something.

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I have people in my town (in North Carolina) that believe he is going to do even more. That he was toning down his ideas during the campaign. In my town, about 30% of the whites in the 1930 and 1940’s were members of the KKK.

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@Tropical_Willie So, they voted for him because that’s what they want? For him to amp up the Nazi behavior?

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They’ll be pissed as though they wouldn’t do it themselves.

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Not relevant. He was, when all is said and done, an anti-Hillary candidate.
That is all a lot people really wanted.

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We will find out in January 20th.

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~80% of people who voted Trump don’t actually believe he will follow through with most of it. I personally don’t know anyone who thinks he will. As @josie said he was “not Hillary”

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@JLeslie Yes, they are hoping to return to pre WWII; segregation, anti-Semitic and “no foreigners” in my town.

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^^That sucks. Good God. Too bad we can’t deport them. We need to designate an island for people like that. Like a leper colony.

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@Tropical_Willie Where would that be? I have a very hard time believing that.

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North Carolina east of Raleigh, almost to the Outer Banks. @ARE_you_kidding_me some of these people can trace their family back to the early 1800’s.

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Nothing better than east Carolina BBQ! Sorry, I can’t think of east of Raleigh without thinking about the BBQ there.

Meanwhile, when I lived in NC it did feel like there was a lot of old South around. It’s weird considering the Silicon Valley of the South is there (research triangle). When I’m in Pinehurst at the Country Club it’s a picture out of what Paula Dean spoke of—lots of white people with black men subbing them. It’s a little unnerving to me.

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A follow up question to this one might be,“why would people knowingly vote for a candidate who makes false promises?”

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^^Then why would anyone bother to vote at all?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me all politicians lie, but Trump’s lies are beyond unequaled in their magnitude of deviation from reality.

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Since nearly 60 million people voted for him and I know only a relative handful at first hand, it would be the rankest supposition to imagine what “most of them” will think based on hypothetical actions that won’t even begin to occur for another two months.

I think only the most naïve voters out there expect any politician to even attempt to keep every promise made during a campaign, and while I’m sure there were naïve voters aplenty on all sides and in all races during the most recent campaign, I doubt that too many will be “surprised” when promised events do not occur.

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Most republican candidates get their base stirred up with rhetoric about overturning Roe v Wade, and outlawing gay marriage.

It’s always a lie.

Although this election has real possibilities for Supreme Court nominees that could actually do it, I still don’t see those things being accomplished. (Hopefully )

Maybe one day the conservatives will realize that we are on an unstoppable path of equality, and just let it go… Then we won’t have these types of candidates. Unlikely though….

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It really is incredible how conservatism has now come to be defined as “resistance to any change that is not regressive”. Trump is unique. I mean think about the extraordinary fact that we have elected a President whose very competence will be gauged on the extent to which he can revoke his campaign promises. My friends, we truly are a very gullible and silly people.

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I never think of the politicians as making promises. I just think of it as direction and goals. How can a president promise something that has to go through congress? I realize some things don’t have to go through congress, and the promise can also mean they are just going to try, but anyway, like I said, I just look for the basic path the candidate wants to take us.

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I think some will get mad, and others will make excuses for him and some simply didn’t care. They just hated Hillary or they just voted Republican because that is all they ever did. Party loyalty. Some will say he was misunderstood or go with his game plan of I never said that and that will be that.
@RedDeerGuy1 I am glad I didn’t have a mouth full of food when I read your comment. LOL

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Perhaps those who just didn’t want Hillary (inane) won’t care if he changes his tune, or those republicans who have always voted republican won’t care, but there is a core group who do care and would make noise if he started changing his tune.

R. Derek Black: Why I Left White Nationalism

I don’t believe he will change his tune because much of what he campaigned on has been some of the more right wing of the republican party all along, they just are not as blunt and open about it. I mean, Bannon? I don’t think his core has to worry too much.

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