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Have you tried to fluther yourself?

Asked by missag (150points) August 6th, 2008
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play nice guys! missag is new, i think she just didn’t phrase the Q right. what are you trying to say missag?

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I tried to fluther myself (be my own friend).

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It sent me to a wikipedia page about narcisism. :>

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oooh. the Q is “Have you guys tried to add yourself to your own fluther?” and my Answer would be yes…and i find the wiki page is hilarious haha

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also, try to “thank yourself” on the quip you just posted on this Q. that’s pretty amusing too :)

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Is it possible to flag as “spoiler”? :P

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@missag Cute kitty!!! Is it your cat?

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@tinyfaery Yes, it actually owns my son, but lets me pet it sometimes too.

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That’s a Siamese for ya!

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what is that? What is myfluther?

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@nickells – “my fluther” is a feature on your page where you can add other members of fluther to your list of people to “follow”. to add someone to your fluther, simply go on their profile page and click on “add to my fluther” under their name.

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Hilarious about the Narcissism article. A high school friend of mine, Dr. Andrew Morrison, is cited there. He is a psychiatrist and wrote a book about shame and narcissism. I simply remember him as Andy.

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all the time.

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