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How many people on this site know one another?

Asked by millie (53points) December 14th, 2006
How many families? how many roommates, etc?
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I was going to ask that question but didn''t want to seem too pushy so glad that Millie did. There is Ben's family; I am aunt; I recognize my first cousin, two of my three nephews, my sis-in-law (Ben's mom) and some of her side of the family, one niece's husband, and have speculated about some of the user names.
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I have also played detective about Andrew's family and spotted some of sis (another aunt of Ben's) will be along soon, once she figures out the tags, etc. Being the elder, I may have to go over and show her a few things :-)
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Since the initial community came from emails that Andrew and I sent to our friends and family, there's definitely are a fair amount of people who know each other, at least peripherally. However, as the site expands each day, there are more and more people that I don't recognize, and more interactions (the majority, I believe) between people who have not previously met. It is very important to us that this feel like an inclusive community... I'm curious on others' thoughts about this, and why you asked, millie.
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Very interesting question, because I've wondered the same thing. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something in the discussion but like Ben said, I think that just comes from the initial wave of people being mostly friends and family. I only know a few of you all though!
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I only asked because I am a friend of Benj (is that you "ben?"), pointed here by his brother, and there were some "well you know me" type comments elsewhere that made me wonder. I'm new here but the community seems relatively attentive and generous, and I wonder what the mechanism is for maintaining that atmosphere once the group is less accountable to one another.
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I'm Andrew's sister & I only know him & peggylou (my mom), kelly (my dad) and hossman (my husband). I've been trying to get some other people over here by pimping Fluther every chance I get, though.
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I only know Ben, and maybe 2-3 other people.
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But no one I know has ever answered a question of mine, so I think it is working! :)
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I think this is a good point... as the site grows it'll be important to keep the site as inclusive and "non-clique-y" as we can to encourage the new users to contribute.
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I know the Finkel clan.
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i feel like i know who a lot of people are on here.. but have only met maybe 3 or 4 in real life... maybe 5 tops. :)
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i know both, suckas! andrew, ben and I used to be in a gang called the Misfitz. we wore jean jackets with cutoff sleeves and bandanas and roamed the streets of providence. we street raced, sang, and killed many a rival gangmember. good times
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I wish had witnessed that Sandeep!
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I know Ben AND Andrew. Jackpot!

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I don’t know anybody, but I FEEL like a part of the family! I’m comin’ over for Thanksgiving (oops – which country are we all in? Scratch that) I’m COMIN’ OVER FOR THE HOLIDAYS _ whatever they may be_ just put another shrimp/leg/pie on/in the barbie/grill/oven!!

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@Sandeep Man, you’ve got to come back to Fluther and tell us more about the Misfitz.

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