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Are chinos considered as "business casual"?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) December 13th, 2016

I have a charity awards ceremony to go to and I’ve been asked to wear business casual.

I was thinking of wearing, dark coloured chinos, a button shirt, vest and blazer.

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These days, “business casual” seems to mean “be sure that your jeans aren’t obviously soiled or stained, and that any rips, tears or worn areas are installed by the manufacturer”.

Well, maybe not so much on that last bit.

I think neat chinos will be fine, especially in the full ensemble that you have outlined.

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Sounds fine.

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Clean unwrinkled chinos have seemed business casual as long as I’ve heard that expression.

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Depending on the population, a tie may be correct. In NYC, business casual often means ‘tie and blazer’, but in Denver or LA, it means ‘no tie, top button of shirt unbuttoned’.

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@elbanditoroso Actually I was considering wearing a tie too. In fact I will.

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For men, “business casual” can be safely interpreted to mean khakis/chinos (neatly ironed with creases, not wrinkled) and a shirt with a collar (a polo shirt is likely ok, although button-down is a step up).

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Sounds quite dapper right off the cover of GC. Got my thumbs up. Shoe choice though could make or break your outfit.

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Sounds like a very good choice of wardrobe. I’m with @Cruiser on the shoe issue. Sharp shoes can make a decent looking outfit really fantastic.

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Your outfit sounds like it will be fine. As long as the black chinos aren’t faded. That’s a negative of cotton fabric and black.

Many people don’t even wear a jacket for business casual. A lot of offices are ok with polo shirts. If unsure though, I would always go for overdressed, rather than under. Your plan sounds good.

I agree with jellies above, a nice pair of shoes, no scuffs.

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Weather permitting a vest and tie alone can be snappy looking.

This is an easy way to set yourself apart yet still look dressy enough.

Vest should fit closely, adjuster on back should be needed for small tweaks only. Vest should be long enough to cover belt and bottom of tie with bottom button undone. Vest should not be obviously from a dressy three piece suit.

There’s good alternatives to chinos these days. I often wear cotton trousers in interesting, but not too interesting colors (dark reds, blues, greens). They can be cut as slacks or jeans. Wear a slim fit to get tapering from at least the knee down for a clean, height increasing look. Hem should come to top of shoe. Trouser leg break is for dads.

Shoes can also be casual by virtue of color (light brown should be perfect, grey if the rest of your outfit is in cool colors). Balance this with a traditional style (I love wing tip Oxfords, Chelsea boots go with practically anything) of good quality and on point condition.

Especially if you go with exposed shirt sleeves they should be close fitting for a put together look.

TL;DR. Contrast relaxed fabrics and colors with more on point, trim and tidy fit.

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Thanks everyone. I got a lot of compliments on my outfit this evening actually, so it all turned out well.

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^^^ Looking good, Keith!

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Sharp look!

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I so approve of the tie.

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Thanks everyone!

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