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What will the children of "helicopter parents" do after their parents are gone?

Asked by josie (30926points) December 14th, 2016

Will they rebel against the stifling protection of their parents and become extreme individualists?

Or will they spend their lives looking for a “protector” surrogate for the helicoptor parent.

Or will they become neurotically frozen in their moment, incapable of doing anything without supervision?

Or something else?

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Possibly all of the above will happen to some of them. Just as children of abusers end up differently from one another in adult life, children of helicopter parents will thrive or falter. But I do agree with your main point, that they are likely to be rudely awakened at some point.

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Too many of them will flounder, unable to make a routine decision. Even the ones that rebel and break free will find themselves learning too many things the hard way, and filled with anger at their parents.

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A bunch of drugs, probably.

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~They go to Fluther?

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They all join the Circus.

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Hover around the graves of said parents. Or other still-living family members.

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Turn to the nectar of the Gods VODKA!

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I would think it depends on the person. I do think extreme upbringings often result in extreme-ish behavior in those people. They either follow right along with the position they have always been in, because it’s familiar, or they go to the opposite extreme.

If I had to guess, most people stay in the role they have always been in, especially women. They might be quite submissive or obedient to their spouse or boss, while at the same time they might be extremely domineering over their children, being a helicopter parent themselves. Then there is a smaller percentage who are more moderate, and then a few that go to the extreme of not monitoring their children hardly at all.

That’s my guess.

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Extreme generalisations are unhelpful.

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Some will rebel and go to all the wrong paths because there is no one to control them and they don’t know how to control themselves. Some others will find a substitute parent in a spouse. Some will manage to somehow get on their feet and become independent.

It all depends on the person.

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@cazzie What else is there? Everyone is an individual. No matter how someone is raised they become their own person. That’s the nice neat PC answer. The answer that tells us nothing.

Mine is guessing based on experience, which is scientifically invalid.

We could get real statistics on the matter, but that would “generalize” which I think you still wouldn’t like.

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I found an article about adult children of helicopter parents.

Seems anxiety affects a lot of these people.

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@JLeslie but you said what I said just with more words. I imagine growing up with no personal agency and not used to deciding anything for yourself would lead to anxiety as an adult. However it plays out.

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Have a party!

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