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What should my major and minor be if i want to be a teacher?

Asked by Asia174 (1points) August 6th, 2008

i want to teach middle school kids

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what subject, my mom taught english in Middle School and had her degree in English, so i would say what ever course you want to teach

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If you want to teach a single subject, major in that subject. So if you want to teach history major in that. If you want to teach multiple subjects, I’d go for a liberal studies degree. Minor in whatever most appeals to you.

May I suggest looking into teaching special education. There are so many different areas to go into, and the demand for special ed. teachers keeps rising, mostly due to a rise in autism and behavior related disorders.

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First off, you need to check the website for the Department of Education in the state you want to be certified in. They have lists of the required courses that you must have in order to get certified in whatever subject you want to teach. Many colleges and universities offer programs of study in which you get certified practically upon graduation. If you are certain that you want to teach, then this is the road for you. You don’t want to graduate, approach the DOE, and be told that you still need an additional four courses to get certified in X subject area. Also, most states require student teaching, so a major has to go hand in hand with time for that student teaching or internship, both of which may be required. Finally, you could take CLEP tests which show mastery of a given subject, and many DOEs accept them in lieu of college credit. It’s a way to save money if you need additional courses in order to get your teaching degree. Make sure your college is accredited, because most DOEs have a clause that says ” an approved program of study…” which means that you could have all the stuff you need, the right major, etc. but they won’t certify you because the institution wasn’t certified in that field…. Start with your state DOE.

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By the way, it’s a whole lot easier to do student teaching, which is usually unpaid, while a full time student in school, rather than doing it as a post graduate, when you are trying to pay your rent and insurance, etc.

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if you want to teach one subject the you should major in that subject. your minor should be whatever else you love or something that you can do that can be a backup but i wouldn’t worry much about the minor i would work for the major.

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