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What is it like to have a communication degree?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13487points) December 18th, 2016

Or any individual classes?

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The only one I have had is speech class. They teach you the basics of public speaking, how to write speeches and then you give them in front of the class.

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It’s mostly like waiting tables with a huge debt load.

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it’s not the degree that matters. it’s what you do with it.

You can have a Comm degree and be unemployed. Or you can have one and do fulfilling things. It depends on what do do after you have the degree.

There’s all sorts of variants as well:

Speech Comm
Public Relations
Writing & technical writing
satellite engineering

So you have to focus on what it is you’re trying to accomplish. “Communications” by itself is a meaningless term,

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I have a Communications Major and it is awesome! What would you like to specifically know about this degree?

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@Cruiser How can it help ones day to day life?

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@RedDeerGuy1, communications is an essential component of any job. While industries such as traditional journalism are in decline, journalistic skills are still in demand. If you look at many of the jobs advertised in LinkedIn or other sites, you’ll find research and writing skills feature as highly desirable. A communications degree can take you in a range of directions within the communication field. All of the content on the net has to be written in clear accessible language. So companies increasingly need people who can produce that content. They also need people to manage social media and their public image. Managing publics, audiences, formal company documents and so on.

People with comms degrees might work in PR, journalism and creative industries such as screen production, creative writing roles, digital communications, photography, government communication roles, media adviser positions. The list is really endless. Real estate agents increasingly need to produce video and other digital content as does anyone working in a sales department. Go and look at job ads for communications type roles and see what appeals to you, if anything.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I have been in sales most of my adult life and the skills I learned when earning my communication degree has been very useful in my profession. Letter writing, public speaking, marketing, phone calls etc. I learned how to construct and communicate a message on a higher level than what I was taught in high school.

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