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Can I hire Uber to teach me how to drive?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18837points) December 19th, 2016

What would be a good rate?

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No – that is not their function. Hire a driving school.

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I got to agree with @janbb with something as important as driving don’t look at a cheap way out hire a reputable driving school and go from there.

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There’s no way that an Uber driver’s liability could cover having you behind the wheel of someone else’s personal vehicle without a license while the driver is on duty as an Uber driver.

You want a properly licensed and certified driving instructor and not a car owner who’s picking up some cash by giving cab service to Uber’s customers. You might as well ask a taxi driver or a bus driver if you can take the wheel. Think they’ll say yes?

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My opinion is yes. Carry on!

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Uber is not in the business of driver training. You could ask someone who happens to work for Uber to teach you to drive. The advantage of asking an Uber driver over someone else is that Uber does background and driving record checks on its drivers. Learning to drive is not that difficult. Most people do not learn at a driving school.

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Sure, why not? If you want to or if you feel they are competent. Just like paying a tutor to show you how to pass that pesky math test. One thing though, you would be hiring an individual to help you, not an “Uber driver”. You could just as easily ask a trucker or your local bus driver.

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I’d doubt that a Uber driver would let a “fare” get behind the wheel.

Instruction issues would a nightmare, in my state, a certified driving instructor, has special certification and requires completing an 80 hour course include and exam.

The student MUST complete classroom lessons and behind the wheel driving hours with a Certified Instructor.

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If you could find someone who happens to drive for Uber who’s willing to teach you how to drive in their off time, sure, why not? It would be fundamentally no different from how most people learn. Most people don’t learn to drive from a driving school. Most are taught by a parent or a sibling or a friend.

If you’re looking to hire someone specifically as an Uber driver then, no. Uber does not offer such services.

You may also wish to check the law in your province before you start. If it is anything like most state laws here you’ll probably need a learner’s permit. And to obtain a learner’s permit you’ll likely need to pass a written test demonstrating that you understand the rules of the road. The rules aren’t that complicated and, again, if your province is like most states here, you can obtain a booklet detailing the rules of the road for little to no cost.

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