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Another jelly reached 40k! Care to congratulate?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18091points) December 20th, 2016

Let’s congratulate Jonsblond as she becomes the new member of the 40k mansion!

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I’ll be first Dammit Janet

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“The river was deep, but I swam it, Janet…”


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Wishing you peace, love and joy in the New Year.

You are one of the most heartfelt Jellies here.

Mazel Tov, Janet!

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Janet! One of the most down to earth Jellies that there is. Happy 40k!

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You are a Good Egg and that is very fine load of lurve you have gathered. A nice Christmas present! Congratulations

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Super wow! Congrats Janet, we miss seeing/hearing more from you around here. :-)

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Parody lyrics to Dammit, Janet!

The river was deep, but you swam it Janet!
To make 40k, did you plan it, Janet?
There’s one thing to say, and that’s “Dammit, Janet!”
We lurve you!

Congo Rats!

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WOOOOOT!!!!! You worked hard for your 40K! Enjoy the mansion!

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40Kongratulations @Jonsblond That’s quite an achievement.

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Not surprised :) You are one of my favourite Flutherites :P

Congrats :) :)

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Fabulous!! Well done!!

In your honor, I will watch Young and the Restless today.

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More pre Xmas cheer as an amazing jelly glides up to the fourth floor of the mansion! At a loss for words! Bravo dear Jonsblond!

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Congratulations Janet! 40K is quite the coup. Now let’s party like its… nearly 2017! I hope 2017 is a fabulous year for you and yours.

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But, where-oh-where is @Blondsjon ?

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He’s baking Janet a cake. It’s going to be a football shaped cake (I think).

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Well done. I haven’t seen you post much lately and Ive missed you. Congratulations!

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Congratulations Janet! I know you get disillusioned with Fluther but I’m so glad you do come back and share yourself with us. You will always be a special part of Fluther.

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Hey Janet! Congrats on the 40K and Merry Christmas to you Jon and your youngins! Stay warm!

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Thank you for posting the party thread, Mimi, and much thanks to everyone for the kind words. You are all very sweet.

@cookieman shh, our little secret. =)

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@jonsblond Did you take a bite out of my @cookieman ?

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A hearty congratulations! I hope you are planning on reaching at least twice this number!

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Congo rats to a wonderful contributor! WTG!

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@rojo You got your party too :)

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Love and peace. Well done for sticking it out.

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Holy balls. Congrats! You deserve it.

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Wow!!!! When I think back over the years, a lot sure has happened.
We’ve all grown!
Congrats on the 40k! And thanks for the reminder.

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Congrats! It’s been a while since a mansion party.

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40K, wow what a feat. Congrats.

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