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How to remove the username that gmail keeps displayed (even after signing out) on the sign in page?

Asked by flo (13014points) December 21st, 2016

Some people need to sign out completely, not halfway.

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Delete cookies and check browser settings to be sure that you’re not saving passwords and usernames as a general rule.

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I’ve noticed that too. You may have to close the browser down to get rid of it.

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At I see a Remove button under the user names.

I haven’t tried it (I want to keep the cookies for those user names).

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@Call_Me_Jay I looked at that too but I think that would remove that account totally not just take away the user name off that screen.

@CWOTUS I think this is a specific to Google thing.

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The Remove button only makes that browser on that machine forget you previously used that account.

It’s wiping out cookies and browser history. It makes no changes to the account.

If you want the browser to never remember the account on that computer, use incognito/private mode.

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@Call_Me_Jay Oh cool. Good to know.

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@flo You need to tell us what kind of device you’re using. It is different on a computer than it is on a mobile device.

The last account logged into from the sign in screen is the one Google will show the next time you open the log in screen. If you wish to log into a different account, click into the little area where you type your account name and delete the name that’s there and log in as usual.

There is no way that I’m aware of to get that screen to be empty when you open it. Google will always remember something.

If you use incognito mode, it will be empty.

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Thank you all for your suggestions.

Google didn’t always do that. It’s a few months old thing. It must be some glitch right? I can’t see why Google wants anyone to have to waste their time doing the things you all suggested, for nothing.

@Hawaii_Jake To answer your question: Desktop Explorer 10…. Firefox 20… I’ve never tried Gmail on the tablet.
Re. “click into the little area where you type your account name” There is no area to click in because the dialog box for the username is no longer there. There is only the box for the password.

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Somewhere you clicked a “remember me” box at some signin (it may have been inadvertent, not necessarily intentional) and now Google is being helpful, by its lights, in “remembering” who you are. I believe that the only way to disable that feature now – because after all, it is a feature for most users, most of the time – is to delete the cookie that drives it.

And then, as others have already suggested, always and only use the machine – with Google, anyway – as if it were a “public” computer (or incognito) so that it will no longer “remember” you.

If you sign into the computer using a Google account, then that will be part of what’s making this happen.

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@CWOTUS But most people have an account for their real ID and one for for they are dealing with websites they don’t know with another name. So Google has that as a record too right? Besides even in the past I didn’t uncheck the Remeber Me box why would it assume it’s a permanent thing? isn’t it supposed to give you a chance to change your mind the next time?

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If you checked “remember” it remembers forever.

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