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I haven't pooped in 5 days?

Asked by savvy17 (52points) December 23rd, 2016 from iPhone

Hello all- this is my first ever question on any kind of forum. But I need advice so why not? On Sunday (today is Friday) I was actually in the hospital because I had vomited 5 times and couldn’t keep any type of liquid down (not water, not Gatorade, not seltzer water), had a fever of 102.9, was dizzy, my muscles ached, and I had diarrhea. So they gave me Zofran for my nausea and Tylenol for my fever and after that everything was all fine and good. But since then I have not been able to poop and my stomach feels like I have to! I dont know if this is an after effect of the Stomach Flu or what but I am not a huge fan of this. Help me out please!!

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What have you tried to help? Spoonful of castor oil? Milk of magnesia? Prune juice?

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You are constipated from being sick, you need some fiber go get some bran bud cereal and have a small bowl couple of hours you will be good to go.
You also might want to consult a Doctor just to make sure you don’t have a twisted bowel .

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Combination of constipation from the meds and probably dehydration if you have expelled that much fluids. Surprised they didn’t do something about that in the hospital. Have you been keeping up the amount of fluids going back into the body?

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Welcome to Fluther.

We don’t like to give out medical advice as a general rule, because we’re not (most of us) doctors, and no good doctor would give specific medical advice without a physical examination in the first place. However, it does sound like you have developed some moderate constipation, probably as a result of the hospital-administered (and therefore perhaps “emergency” type) andtidiarrhetic medications given to combat the flu, vomiting and diarrhea that took you there in the first place.

So here is where I would start if I were you. WebMD gives generally good advice, and can be a starting point to help you either self-correct or decide whether to seek additional professional help.

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I haven’t tried anything yet- i’ve seriously been so busy i haven’t done anything but I’ve been drinking plenty of water and fluids and eating very easy meals for my stomachs sake. Salads and grits and crackers honestly. i’m getting back to normal now but I’m going to GNC now to try maybe a laxative tea? I hate being sick

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Your constipation may be because of the meds, and also because of not much solids. You need something in the bowel to be moved.

I would try fresh fruit (apples, pear); oatmeal with raisins; whole grain breads.

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If you begin to vomit again, go back to the hospital.

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I would call your doc and see what they suggest. You are probably dehydrated and also affected by the meds but get a medical opinion as to whether a laxative or just liquids and fiber will help.

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I was constipated for three days before open heart surgery, and didn’t poop for another 4 days.
It wasn’t pretty.

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Holy crap Batman….that is not good! Get some Metamucil stat and some prune juice while you are at it. Or go all out and do the Fleet Relief route. I would also suggest some pro-biotics/yogurt is in order….but I am not a doctor…just an oldish Jelly who has been where you are at now…so consult with your Doc first and foremost.

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Use probiotics. Medication destroys friendly gut bacteria.

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Take some Senokot. It’s a natural laxative.

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Call doctor. Now. Go.

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Drink plenty of water, eat a few prunes or a handful of raisins, and if nothing happens in 12 hours you can consider a laxative, but I would not use a laxative yet since you basically emptied your insides 5 days ago. I’m assuming you didn’t eat much day one and two after the illness, and your intestines had very little food in them, so it’s not surprising you would skip at least 2–3 days.

@Mariah is right that if you start to throw up you need emergency medical attention.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, that’s just what I would do.

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I can’t add anything to the above replies, but, if you haven’t gone in the next few days maybe consider what they do for impacted horses. Insert a nasogastric feeding tube and funnel down one gallon of mineral oil. You’ll be pooping like a Clydesdale in no time. lol

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Oh, I forgot to mention raw veggies constipate me. You said you’re eating salads.

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I find eating bran, brown rice and high fiber helps and drink lots of water. I have never found prunes to be that great of a help! If this doesn’t help it’s best to get something from the Doctor since once bunged up it can be hard to loosen up!

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You guys are great!! Thank y’all so much! I ate toast today and I had Lemon Ginger Probiotic tea and I’m so happy to say that I pooped!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been happier to say those words

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Glad to hear that when the going got tough, the tough got going.

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Constipation is a side effect of the medication given to you at the hospital to treat nausea.

Call your doctor for the best advice. Good luck.

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Yeah, we know our shit, and that’s for sure.

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Wondering if Savvvy17 ever managed to poop or just exploded?

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