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What's in your office breakroom right before Christmas?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33520points) December 23rd, 2016

The breakroom is right next to my desk. I brought malasadas from Leonards. A colleague brought manapua. There was a huge tray of cookies. There were cinnamon rolls. A vendor sent two boxes of gorgeous cupcakes, and someone else gave us a huge box of shortbread cookies. There’s so much food!

What’s in your breakroom?

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What is a breakroom?

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A place to supposedly take a break from work.

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Oh, you mean the internet.

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The Internet is not a place.

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Nobody. We’ve all buggered off home!

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At my husbands work, you usually see cookies, fruit salads, green and red vegetable salads, cakes, cider, chocolate, donuts and ice cream. There would also be sandwich triangles and pizza.

He missed it this year to attend our grandson’s Winter Spectacular play, and was very happy. JJ starred as Blitzen in the Blitzen Boogie, and he danced all over the stage. He really stole the show.

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Sweaty housestaff, especially the saucy maid from below stairs who is very definitely “up for it”

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I ordered in smokehouse Bar-B-Que for the staff complete with the best corn bread you ever had…Yum! The new girl I hired apparently has a penchant for baking cookies for the needy around the holidays to the tune of 800+ cookies and brought in a boat load for us to enjoy. Tomorrow the break room will be dark and empty….just the way a well deserved day off was meant to be.

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