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How much food will you end up wasting this Christmas holiday?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) December 10th, 2016

Just about every year I see it, there is some party, potluck, etc. where some unpopular dish goes greatly uneaten, or too few folk show up and at the end of the event, dinner, etc. there is a gob of food left and either no place to put it, or no one wants to be bothered with trying to deal with it so the trash is its new home; basically wasted. You may think you will use 100% of what you cook, but that is sometimes hard, more than likely even on one’s best day food goes wasted. How much food will you end up wasting over the Christmas holiday, no need to get fancy, a simple prediction will do.

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I’m not cooking anything for Christmas, never have. Usually I end up spending Christmas with a friend and her family, and what they do is give out what food wasn’t eaten for you to take home. I try and be modest and not accept it because I am not a part of that family but I always end up with bags of food to take home. One year they even gave me half a case of 24 beers that had not been drunk.

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Little to none. I take my stuff home and use it up. I am very careful about food.
How much will you waste, @Hypocrisy_Central?

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I offer leftovers to the attendees and since I am an awesome cook, they fight over the offerings and am sure none of it is “wasted”

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Nowt gets wasted coz the housestaff eagerly devour any leftovers we toss their way, they have to sit up & beg & yap ike puppies though, purely for entertainment purposes obviously.

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I am famous for not wasting food. It is not consumed it is either given to guests, split into meal sized portions and eaten the next day or frozen.
When cleaning up I save table scraps for the critters out back.
Even excess cooking oil goes in my wood burning stove where it can heat my house.
Nothing is wasted.

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Luckily, the friends I’ll be spending time with are terrific cooks with a great sense of what the gang likes. The only thing I’ve ever seen left over after one of their/our regular potlucks is gin… which carries over to the next party.

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Very little as I will be mainly on my own.

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None. My animals eat all the scraps, which will be no more than usual on Christmas.

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None, I use every bit, including the seeds from the squash and bell peppers and the skins on the potatoes. Whatever is left over goes into the freezer for future microwave meals.

(oops, there is one exception – one person invariably takes more onto her plate than she can eat and I have to throw it away, so the correct answer is less than one serving.)

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Very little. We don’t buy a lot of food for Christmas these days.

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“Unpopular dish.”

It’s not waste if the cook picks up on the hint.

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Just the same as how much food I waste everyday.

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@canidmajor How much will you waste, @Hypocrisy_Central?
I am not going to lie, to me, more than I should. That would be on a day to day basis. I try not to buy more than I can consume, at times people give me food or they cook and invite me to eat and the stuff I purchased goes bad before I can get to it, I am not so much bothered by the money wasted as it is never much in cost that is wasted, but with so many starving around the world it highlights a callousness toward food that blessed nations of the west tend to fall into, because food is not something that is few and far between and can mean the difference of life or death literally.

If I take anything to a party or potluck, I am taking something I know 80% or more of the people will eat, and still taking enough that if all of it is not taken it is no big chore to take home or dispose by way of the homeless people I know.

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None. I’d say my family is moderate, to say the least when it comes to food in general. Some might call it boring. Christmas dinner here at the in-laws will be a simple affair of carrots, peas and turkey. If I go.

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It’s odd maybe. But I think I waste far more on non holidays. On holidays everything gets eaten. Then turkey sandwiches for a week…

I usually even throw the turkey skeleton in the woods too,so some opossums or something can get something out of it…

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My wife is Sicilian.

In the old Italian tradition nothing is wasted, not even the bones.

Of course, the results are delicious.

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@SecondHandStoke: We’re all coming to your house!!! :-)

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Everyone’s welcome.

The only thing that will be wasted will be us!

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Upon becoming wasted, I will sing saucy tunes. On key, don’t worry! :-)

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Very little will be wasted and none at all on Christmas Day as I’ll be all on my own this year.

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