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What's your favorite Bath & Body Works (etc) scent?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) August 6th, 2008

I think mine would have to be Sea Island Cotton. It’s so fresh, crisp, and clean.

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vanilla anything, but not too vanilla-y, as then it just makes me want to gag.

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Lobster. Mmmmm.

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I like the Jasmine Vanilla scent in their Aromatherapy line. I just purchased the last two bottles in our local store for work.

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The lavender aromatherapy scent. Though I only shop there if someone gives me a gift card.

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South of France Provence Lavendar Soap (for soap)
Plumeria for moisturizer.

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back in the day they came out with a fruit smoothie scented summer collection… edition : (
One of the scents was something like Banana Smoothie? Maybe? I can’t remember the exact name but it was the best smell in the entire world…..and never to be found again : (

I stopped shopping at B&BW a couple years ago because it was so frustrating everytime I found something I liked, they would discontinue it or it would be a scent only sold during certain seasons. These days I use Philosophy 3 in 1’s and Primal Elements Sugar Whip.

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I love the aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla scent.

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I like the raspberry bath and body works. it doesn’t smell like raspberries at all though.

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i like the exotic coconut

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If you like the B&B Sea Island Cotton, you should sniff Clean’s ‘Warm Cotton’ scent. It smells a lot more soapy and less sweet.

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brown sugar & fig. mmmm.
and the cherry blossom stuff.

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Coconut lime verbena.

I’m probably months late answering this question, but damn. That stuff smells good.

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I like that one a lot, too, Likeradar!

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Mmm… once upon a time I knew all of B&BW’s scents and was all over new ones as they appeared; have fallen away from that habit. But I did pop in last year for some scented candles for a coast trip. “Twilight Woods” is my favorite of the ones I got. Different products telegraph the same scent differently—the Twilight Woods body wash smelled kinda skanky to me.

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