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What are some examples when the word calibrated is used in a lay person's life?

Asked by flo (10343points) December 28th, 2016

What everyday item does the average person calibrate or need to calibrate?
Thermometer tube?

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TV screen – to make the picture display correctly.
Printer – to make the different colours align.
Oven with an oven thermometer – to make sure it’s at the temperature you think it’s at.
Laptop battery – so that the display gives an accurate readout of how much powered left.
A cars wheel alignment.

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Balls on accurate.

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His reaction was carefully calibrated so as not to provoke anger.

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I was looking at directions on my phone recently, and an animated pop-up told me to move the phone in a figure eight and wag it in a certain pattern to calibrate the compass.

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Are you calibrated @Call_Me_Jay ? ? ?

Mine takes a couple of minutes to calibrate the compass.

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I use digital scales on a daily basis at work that have to be calibrated. So do my Unertl scopes. I guess I like to be accurate!

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Using definition 4, I calibrate the volume of my voice for different public speaking situations. I freaked out a minister at a friend’s wedding rehearsal when I asked him what row I needed to speak to. Doesn’t everyone have that ability? Apparently not.

I calibrate the tension on my knitting by doing swatches.

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In the RPO and retained talent acquisition world, we use the term to define how we refine our search parameters as the hiring managers (NOT, generally the HR folks) nuance the position to differentiate the desired candidate characteristics.

Most advanced Technical recruiters use some variation of Boolean search and the difference between knowing the Hiring Manager needs a developer competent in C, C# and C++ rather than “can program in various languages” is calibration in my world. (This is a real example from a recent project.)

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The car compass. (Drive three circles to the right.)
The white balance on your digital camera .
Setting the zero on dial indicators or verniers.
Letting your computer or phone battery go very low and then fully charging it to adjust the device’s internal power algorithm.

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My weather station self calibrates its barometer by looking at the pressure for 2–4 weeks and averaging.

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As already mentioned, hd tv’s. When I bought mine I was asked if I needed a calibration expert to come to my place to properly calibrate my television. I declined, as I know how to do this myself.

I know somebody who owns that PlayStation 3D headset, and they told me that you need to properly calibrate the camera so it can catch all your movements while wearing the headset. Or something like that. But they said calibrate ike five times.

I myself just say, “fucking aound with settings”, although technically that’s not quite right.

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You also have to initially calibrate the distance of the steps you take to make your fitbit device work properly.

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Okay. I can see TV screen you want to adjust the color according to how you like it there is no accuracy problem there. ....

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I wish to hell Rick would calibrate our flat screen so the people don’t look all bloated. I do it, but then he gets upset because it doesn’t utilize the whole screen. Don’t know why it’s important to him.

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One can calibrate a resume to highlight certain knowledge skills and abilities specific to a particular position.

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