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Can the Constitution go bankrupt? Can it become too expensive to afford?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42493points) December 29th, 2016

Dumb questions? Of course.

I have a reason for asking them, though. A couple of people have made comments that “the ACA quickly went bankrupt,” and “Obamacare is too expensive to afford.”

Obamacare is just a set of laws governing all insurance companies. It is not some sort of insurance provider itself. It can’t go bankrupt, it can’t become to expensive. It’s just an ideal, like the Constitution.

Also, all states have, in some way or another, provided state-funded insurance for those who qualify. It’s called Medicare and Medicaid. Sometimes states give them different names. Kansas calls their medicare “Kancare.”
Obama didn’t invent those. They’ve been around since the 60’s.

The ACA provided federal funding assistance for any state that would expend their existing Medicare coverage to help cover those who wouldn’t qualify before. However, Republican states (like Kansas) refused to do it, refused the funding, so nothing has changed for the poorer people here. They’re falling through the cracks like they always have. And the money the Federal government set aside for them is still sitting there, unused.

However, the Democratic states did expand their existing medicare coverage and it has been a lifeline for many millions of people who didn’t qualify for state funded insurance before.

And if you have health insurance of any kind you “have” Obamacare.

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Obamacare is just a set of laws governing all insurance companies. It is not some sort of insurance provider itself. It can’t go bankrupt, it can’t become to expensive. It’s just an ideal, like the Constitution.

That answered the questions. You answered your own questions.

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I already knew the answer. I’m addressing this to the people who don’t understand what Obamacare is. They say things like, “The ACA is going bankrupt,” “Obamacare has gotten too expensive to afford.” Well, those things are impossible.

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In that case, I would like to suggest a more appropriate question may be “What is the best way to explain that the ACA is not going bankrupt?” Then you could explain in the details that you have heard people make this statement meaning they obviously don’t understand the law.

You are correct. There is much ignorance about the ACA. A lot of people think it means they are getting insurance coverage from the government, and you are correct that they aren’t (unless they’re on Medicare or Medicaid). The vast majority are getting their insurance from private providers. There’s a lot of ignorance about what the law does for the rates the private companies charge for insurance. The law does not regulate rates. It only regulates the amount of money the insurers use from the rates to provide healthcare and the amount used for their operating expenses.

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Who died and made you Mod? ~

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I won the prize of the game show “Mod for a Day.”

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All I ever got was this, from ThornInMud. >_<.

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^^ very nice

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The constitution can’t go bankrupt – it’s a living document that can (and has – let’s not forget) be endlessly amended in the pursuit of a more perfect union.

As for healthcare in the US – the reason it’s costing more is because healthcare in the US is designed to make corporations richer – they have to make more money each year so your premiums are going to go up each year. The fact that some people might get a bit of healthcare is usually nothing more than a happy accident. The sooner you scrap the system and do what the rest of the world has been doing for 50 plus years the better.

But that would be un-American.

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I agree @Lightlyseared. And the ACA can be amended. But it can’t go “bankrupt” or “broke”.

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People who make claims that “ACA has gone (or ‘is going’) bankrupt” have simply mis-stated a (perhaps) more factual claim that ACA has driven borderline businesses into bankruptcy, for example, or has driven individuals into bankruptcy. (I know of at least one case where this is actually a fact; the rules between the “health exchange” and the insurer prevented a policy holder from learning that his autopay setup to pay for the insurance had failed … until after the insurance was irrevocably cancelled, leaving him on the hook for approximately $300,000 of uncovered expense, which would have been covered by the insurance that he thought he had.)

So it would not be amiss to say that the law itself is driving people and concerns into bankruptcy; it’s just a misstatement. In fact, it’s a far simpler and easier to explain misstatement than several that you made in the OP, but I’m not going into that.

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Well, what are they misstating when they say “My sister got Obamacare”? Or, “Will any Republicans sign up for Obamacare?”

And health care costs have been driving people into bankruptcy decades before the ACA.

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The US constitution has nothing to do with the ACA. The government could go broke, but the ACA, if it fails, will fail on it’s own due to uncontrolled medical, insurance and drug costs. Before the ACA, these costs put many into the street. Now, with the ACA, it’s more of a noticeable national thing.

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@kritiper The Constitution is a set of laws. The ACA is a set of laws. Neither can go bankrupt or become too expensive. That’s how they can be compared.

Why the flag @ARE_you_kidding_me?

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What, can’t I be a smartass?

It was not really a question

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I heard a rumor that Trump supporters are now yelling in the streets about his plan to kill the ACA. They didn’t REALLY want him to do that. They thought he was just joking.

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@Dutchess_III Um… read your question at the top again. Then tell yourself that “Neither can go bankrupt…”
The constitution may be laws, but they cannot go bankrupt. The government of the USA can, but not the constitution, it’s just a piece of paper. Unless you are talking about the feds dept. who take care of the USS Constitution, the ship, “Old Ironsides.”
Other than that, your question makes no sense at all.
And “Obamacare” is not an actual term. The correct term is ACA: the Affordable Care Act. Obama care is only what the ignorant and the Republicans who don’t like it call it.

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Right. If you had read the details you wouldn’t be so confused.

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So what was the point of the question? That’s what I’m confused about.

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To help some folks understand what the ACA IS. It’s not something that can go bankrupt or get too expensive, as a couple of people have said, because the ACA is a set of laws.

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Maybe sometime in January “Cheeto” will get his wish; the GOP Congress ready to BLOW-UP ACA ! ! With no replacement, the dead and dying by the end of of next year will be off the chart. The GOP must be hoping they are all Democrats !

They are not looking at consequences or outcome; just get rid of the Democratic President biggest legacy completely.

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