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What is neo-liberalism?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30670points) December 29th, 2016

Noam Chomsky dislikes it and blames it for the world’s woes.

Yes, I’m capable of searching for a definition on Google, but where’s the fun in that? I would rather hear from my fellow jellies.

What is it? Can you give me a definition or point me to a book or article where I can read about it?

I have a sneaking suspicion I already know the definition, but I’m looking for conversation.

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The unquestioning faith that “free market” policies and privatization of property and services are always better than any government involvement.

The Guardian – George Monbiot – Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

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Yes, I did know after all. Thank you, @Call_Me_Jay. That is what I suspected, and I applaud your citation. I read The Guardian. I get most of my news from there.

I suppose I shouldn’t have asked such a closed-ended question.

Now what do we talk about? What’s for lunch?

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We’ll go have poke and maybe some steamed edamame.

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What we should talk about is the difference between Neoliberalism, Classical Liberalism and Libertarianism. They are all subtly different than each other.

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Or we can talk about what poke is? I just read an article and I’m curious.

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@Rarebear Yes, let’s discuss those differences. I would like to know.

@janbb A delectable Hawaiian dish with various recipes. The unifying ingredient is raw fish.

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Posited – The Reagan administration proved the efficacy of Keynesian government deficit spending to goose the economy, but the myth endures that he proved the superiority of neo-liberalism.

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Well, if it helps, I’m a Classical Liberal, but I am not a libertarian or neoliberal. Does that clear it up? :-)

As far as I understand it, libertarians concern themselves maximum personal liberties with minimal to no government interference in their personal affairs. So gun rights, legalization of marijuana, no abortion restrictions are all libertarian issues.

Classical liberals concern themselves less with individual liberties and more with freer markets and open immigration. So a classical liberal may be for free trade but would have no problem, say, with gun control legislation.

Neoliberals are similar to classical liberals except they believe in active corporate involvement overseas. Neoliberals are pro-multinational corporation.

Something like that.

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