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What is a dvd slide show with music on it called exactly?

Asked by JasonH (107points) August 6th, 2008

i need to find like a kinko’s well not exactly there retarded and charged me an arm in a leg and didnt do it right, looking for some place in simi valley,ca that will put digital pictures from a cd to a dvd and also add music to it like a presentation dvd slide show….? what kinda place could do such activity/job? thanks.

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1. Anyone with a Mac can do that in iPhoto, then iDVD.

2. Retarded? “Arm and a leg,” “they’re” not “there.” Just sayin’.

3. In answer to your question, I just call them “DVD slideshows with music.”

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haha thanks dave

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Shoot an email over to – His name is Dan Patterson and he’s very good with his work, highly affordable and comprehensive in regard to format output.

Tell him Adrian sent you.

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where is he located? cause this is got to be done by sat 7AM.

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He is in Texas. Shoot him an email, as the longer you wait (last night for the question, this afternoon to send him the email) the less likely anyone could help you.

That said, it’s likely he could upload the image file somewhere where you could download and burn from. The file size for what you’re asking for shouldn’t be bigger than 1gb, so you could probably get it same day despite the distance.

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or someone with a PC and vista (and probably XP, but I cant check right now)

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