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Blackout prevention?

Asked by usain2010 (2points) August 7th, 2008

How do power/energy companies avoid blackouts, brownouts, and grid overloads?

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Sounds like a homework question? =) (Just teasing)

For brownouts and gridoverloads, the basic idea is to bring additional generating capacity online before the load hits. This is usually predicted by temperature (e.g., higher temps = more cooling = more power usage). The other option is to contract with large power consumers (aluminum processing, other industrial processes) to reduce their energy usage during peak times.

Blackouts (other than rolling blackouts) are generally caused by a fault in the system, so its usually avoided by redundant systems, which is not always possible (and sometimes doesn’t work). Rolling blackouts are a failure to have sufficient generating capacity available during peak times, and are a last-ditch method to prevent a grid overload or damage to the system from too much power being pulled.

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backup generators

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