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What do you do when nothing is going your way?

Asked by imrainmaker (8360points) January 19th, 2017

There are phases in life which we call bad patch in cricketing (sports) term when nothing is going your way even after giving your best or more than that. How do you deal with such situation?

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Read. Listen to Jazz. Tell myself that it will pass. And so far, it always has.

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Just keep moving forward. One step at a time. In my experience, things always get better if you don’t throw in the towel. In saying that, when things hit a bad patch, it’s a good opportunity to reevaluate what I’m doing. Do I need to change direction, try a new approach, seek advice from others with more experience, seek help or something else?

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Take a nap about it. Hide under my covers to reset my brain and my nerves. Then get back up and try and try some more.

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Take a step back and ask yourself have you truly given it your all. There was a time for me when everything and anything was thrown at me to the point where I truly doubted I could go forward any further. Then there was an epiphany of sorts to where I then realized that I had endured so much and it was my own self doubt that was holding me back. I took stock in all that had happened and knew then and there that I had done so much and made it to this point and all I had to do was have confidence in myself to keep on keeping. I have not looked back or doubted myself since.

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Get up in the morning and get back at it. It isn’t over until I am dead or hospitalized.

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I think about the people I love and do something to help them.

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I just keep going.

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Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming,
Just keep swimming, swimming…

And occasionally bounce around with jellies.

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Pretty much the same thing I do when things are going my way…....drink.

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Re-analyze the situation to find what cause the failure, re-planning, and self-assuring yourself that there’s always another day and you’ll eventually get your chance.

I am a flexible, regret-immune person and if I have time to distract myself after a failure I’ll simply perform my regular activities as usual. There’s no way one or two failures can stop me from being productive, I am much stronger and apathetic than the failure itself.

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Is it a situation? Or just in general? I find if a ‘situation’ is not going well, it was probably something that was not meant for me. (Like say, a job or a relationship). If everything is going wrong, then to be honest, I hang back. That means I tend to withdraw, reassess what I could do differently, do things I actually want to do and get reward for and oh, I walk a lot. It helps.

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I would check my medical kit to make sure I have taken my daily meds. This is because my interpretation that everything is going wrong could be just an emotional reaction caused by a hormone imbalance.

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