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What do you think about organic food?

Asked by dulcecorazon (105points) August 7th, 2008

It is healthy, but there are down sides about it

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Costs too much, dies quicker than “regular food”, contains everything regular food does anyway… but wasn’t grown with miracle grow.

Most people who order a glass of water at a restaraunt will put all the harmful crap they wanted to avoid right back into their bodies.

It is delicious though, and it is possible to achieve a higher flavor peak.

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Thanks for your insights.

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I’ll pass, the flavor is where all the unhealthy stuff mingles :)

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The label organic in a grocery store is more a marketing ploy than anything. Unless you really know where and how your food is grown the label organic is just a gimmick because you can’t really know if it is true.

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I agree with you, some people believe in everything what they read and hear.

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I think the organic fruit truely tastes better, but I’m not all crazy about buying all the organic stuff.

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good comment:)

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I work at a 124 year old family run farm, I’ve done my research first-hand and I’ll tell you, “Organic” is a scam. They spray just as much as “traditional” farms, it’s just a different (perhaps better) type of pesticide. It is simply another way to grow but has been inflated as a marketing ploy.

In my opinion, what you want to look for is a farm that grows using IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Much better than organic.

It is basically a series of actions in the growing cycle designed to create stronger plants early on and evade bugs until harvest. Spraying is always a last resort.

The place I’m at hasn’t sprayed their beets in over 25 years for example. And all the stuff they grow is super yummy.

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@cprevite: I know what you mean. I used to work on a generations-old farm too, and they sprayed pretty much everything that was sold up at the farmstand. There was one section of the barn where they kept all of the pesticide jugs, and I couldn’t stand to be in there for more than a few seconds. As for the whole organic thing, I can’t say I care for it – sure the organic food may taste better than supermarket products, but so does any non-organic fresh food. I’m no expert, but having worked on a non-organic farm which grew the best fruit I’ve ever eaten, I don’t think food being organic significantly factors in its taste. It might just be that people who eat organic only are inherently picky about foods they choose, and prefer fresh product over something that’s been sitting in a warehouse.

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|:0 your right as well, thanks.

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I just wanted to add my two cents in with this. If you are going to buy organic food then you need to make sure it was grown locally. There is some ‘organic’ food that is grown in China, Brazil and other far away places. By the time that food gets to your grocery, it has traveled three times as far (thus polluting the atmosphere more then non-organics).

I think that if organic food is important to you, you should grow your own. Start small and grow a little more each year. That’s what I do.

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