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Which is better, Mac or PC?

Asked by Blobman (516points) August 7th, 2008

Macbook (pro, air, or plain), e/i Mac, PC laptop (hp or Dell), or PC?
PCs having Vista and Macs having whatever is newest.

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depends what you want to use it for really doesn’t it.

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How can you people seriously ask this same question week after week, and even day after day?

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what do you guys have if you don’t mind me asking?

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I have PC…and love it. As for which is better, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this applies to OS-es too.

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so does that meanyou like PCs better?

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yep. I do.

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Neither. They both suck. You know whats better then both a mac and a pc – its my brain

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How about I settle it with telling you that Linux is the best.

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I’ve got a MBP, which is pretty nice. I almost bought a lenovo thinkpad T61, and what did it for me was really just battery life and aesthetics – the thinkpad not only had a shorter battery life, but the battery stuck out the back and made an ugly wedge shape. If you are still weighing this question, definitely wait on it as long as possible and do some research on upcoming mac products (if that’s even possible :-)...) Here’s a good place to start:
Also, since there are so many PC’s, I don’t think you should be limiting yourself to Dell or HP – check out this site for reviews, new releases, etc.:

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Told you so.

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Actually I use mirza’s brain as well.

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There are three PC desktops, two PC laptops and a MacBook Pro. one of the PC laptops is Vista and one of the PC desktops is Vista the rest are XP, exept for the MacBook Pro which is OS X. Obviasly, I don’t own all of them the other four people in my house do, but the Vista desktop and the MB Pro are my favorites.

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I use a macbook every day at school and home, and my family has one of the latest aluminum iMacs.
However I regularly use PCs for my work in computer graphics.
I am one of the very few people I know who likes both computers, most of my friends likes one and hates the other.
I prefer mac for my everyday work because it’s generally faster, easier to maintain and a streamlined experience. I also use it for my audio design work because I simply love GarageBand.
Really the only time I use PCs is when I need to use programs that aren’t compatible with macs (such as 3DS Max for my CG work). However, this is becoming less and less of an issue now that more programs are being built for both operating systems.

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I am with chromaBYTE. I believe both have their advantages for different types of users. I think it is sort of like a rancher arguing with a soccer dad/mom why his two ton truck is better than a mini-van.

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I have a mac and I think they are a lot better because they are a ton easier to use and apple makes a lot more money then pc

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What blobman are you going to have a bake sale to fix windows vista

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MacBook pro is definitely the best choice. great hardrive space, and if you like windows it’ll run windows 7 better than a pc. mac all the way, man.

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