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The day is almost done (hello western hemisphere!), what's on the radio/i-pod/wathever u use to play your favorite music?

Asked by flameboi (7554points) August 7th, 2008

Right now, this old Lindsay Buckingham song, The Countdown, that brought me good memories of a long gone summer… what about u guys?

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Trusty Chords by Hot Water Music

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never heard that song before, I’ll check it out
by the way, how’s your mom?

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Schubert’s Trio in G flat for piano, cello, and violin.

(Didn’t see that comin’, did’ja?)

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John Legend and Andre 3000— “Green Light” is what’s playing on my Touch right now, followed by a Onion News Network podcast (may i say is funnier than SNL and the stale Evening News with Katie Couric)

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